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senegal parrot

  1. O

    New to Forum - Fear of my biting Senegal

    Hello Everyone, I'm not much of a forum person, but I've had a years long declining relationship with my Senegal, and, since they are such long lived companions, I would like to reverse it. He bites. It often seems random, though certainly when he's been out of the cage, and I need to put him...
  2. McBird

    AA artists?

    I'm looking (for myself and my mom) for feather art. we have: a Cockatiel, Senegal, and Sun Conure. we're interested to see what's out there and what's going on with feather art. whether it's painting on feathers or using feathers to sculpt a bird (in a way). thanks a bunch, guys!
  3. Dachshund King

    Senegal, caique or conure

    Hello again. I've received a lot of input and have now narrowed my interest to 3 main birds. I can't choose between a caique, a Senegal parrot and a green cheek conure. I have been recommended against a Senegal parrot by bird breeders however I still like them. Any experience with any of these...
  4. Dachshund King

    Caiques as pets

    Hello, I have been reccomended to get a caique as my new parrot and I have read that they are real clowns but there moods can change drastically. I plan to get a hand reared bird so will that make them more calm? Any experience or advice will help, thanks. Also, how do they compare to Senegal...
  5. Dachshund King

    Getting a new parrot

    Hello, I'm looking to get a new hand reared parrot to tame and train. I have done almost a year of research and my top candidates are a Senegal parrot, moustache parakeet, plum headed parakeet, red bellied parrot, caique, conures (green cheek, matron bellied, catus). If anyone has any experience...