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Smelly poops

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Preface - I had a Meyers parrot (rip baby) in his twenties who had smelly poops. The vet tested him and concluded that his arthritis was making it painful to poop, so he held it in longer, hence letting bacteria grow more and causing the bad smell.

Now I have two young Senegals with smelly poops. They are six and nine and don’t have any arthritis. One has had smelly poops on and off since I got him and another one just started to do it. They don’t have any contact but are in the same room. Often the smelly poops are also diarrhea. They tend to be the first poops of the day. I’m going to take them to the vet next week but maybe some of you encountered this issue and were able to resolve it. What should I tell the vet to look into? Diagnosis always seems to be a crapshoot (pardon the bad pun) with my birds, lots of expensive tests and little information in return.


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What type of testing did the vet do?