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  1. S

    Will I lose my bond with my Conure if I get another parrot?

    Hi all, I have a 6 month male GCC who I have had for 4 months now and love dearly. We have an AMAZING bond and spend a ton of time together. He goes almost everywhere with me (including work). We have considered getting another bird as my husband would like a bird to work with and bond with...
  2. B

    So here's a photo of the cage with birds...

    I am working on getting a larger cage for them, on a fixed budget so it'll be a while but hopefully not too long away. I fully intend to shorten the wooden dowels at some point too. They're very flighty when I start moving stuff around the cage for clean up time and that makes for a tiny...
  3. Fawnia

    Which Play Gym to get.....

    Hello All!!! As some of you may know, I recently got a green cheek conure, who is alot of fun. Currently, they don't really like my hand, but they love being around me. They'll do anything to get out their cage and be close to me. (they are not allowed on my shoulder yet because they are still...
  4. hrafn

    An intriguing (depressing?) discovery re: Kamara

    Since this was the first Hallowe'en that Taco and Kamara have had at my house, I tried to ensure that they wouldn't be spooked by my costume. I wore each piece until they were used to it, then gradually started wearing the whole ensemble. They did a good job of recognising me, so I was pretty...
  5. WallyCockatiel

    How do I make my cockatiel happy?

    I don’t know what games to play/ what to do when he is outside of the cage. I sing to him and let him sit beside me, but I don’t know what to do for fun. I don’t want him to be bored!!
  6. Pip and Gracie

    cheap play gym

    I'm looking for a cheap play gym to put on top of my birds cage. When I got her she felt safe going on the top of the cage it seems to be her favorite place. I'm wondering if anyone knows some play gyms that are at a reasonable price so I can put them on top of her cage.
  7. Atomiklan

    Favorite Toy

    Does anyone else have an Eckie that plays like this hahahaha? This is seriously the ONLY time she makes any sounds! She's so weird lol.
  8. Parakeet88

    Keeping new GCC stimulated

    so I've had my GCC for a few weeks now. He loves to be out on his play gym and is pretty good at keeping himself busy but I'm looking for some ideas of things I can do with him to bond with him and to keep him mentally stimulated. He has on and off days with training, sometimes he wants to and...
  9. Mccookrem

    Adopted nanday help

    1 to 2 yr old said to be female, was in a body shop bisness on stand wings very clipped, no toys only seeds all day. 2st day home calm she makes no sounds no play just sits all day. 2nd day she starts with biting and won't come out of cage I left door open all day. Plan on letting her fly after...
  10. Whoviana

    Is ice ok?

    Sunflower loves ice. She likes to lick it, eat it, play with it. She always flies over to us when we are getting ice and she tries to fall into our drinks to get to it. I gave her her own cup to see what she would do. She loved it! We are concerned that she will get too cold. Would that be a...
  11. Fritzgerald16

    I can't even...

    sorry I'm spamming this forum! Seriously though, we just love our boy Fritz and he was being such a ham tonight! (My daughter is 5 and they are not allowed alone time together yet, he's almost as big as her!)
  12. M

    Toys for my loves

    Hi everyone, We are Marley and Grey's owners, we've had them for a few months now and they seem very settled and happy. However they love to play and always want to come out. Their cage is on a table about 2 foot high. Can anyone recommend a ladder or toy or something I can use to allow them...
  13. Ittybit

    Favorite Toys

    What are your birds' favorite toys or places to play/things to play on? :chickenswinger:I'd love to see pics., if you can add them. Thanks!
  14. Trishc

    Pictures Hello from Lexi (WBC) from Charleston, SC

    Hi everyone! I'm Lexi and I'm a 9 yo male WBC from Charleston, SC. I'm looking for other caiques to connect with in the Charleston area. I've never been around other caiques and I'd like to try to socialize.
  15. JPix

    Bored Birdie Buster!

    Hello, All! If you are fortunate enough to have a Cockatoo in your home, or any other smarty pants parrot for that matter, you probably know it's a challenge to find new ways to keep them busy for more than a few minutes. I think this is key in keeping these brilliant birds happy and well...