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  1. Y

    Can you use a grill to bake wood?

    This sounds stupid, but I was wondering if it’s possible to use a grill to bake wood for disenfecting? I just finished using a bleach/water mix to disinfect some branches but I wanted to do some more and bake it. Do I have to bake it? And if so can I use a grill, or will that just grill the wood?
  2. edenic

    Does anyone recognize this branch wood?

    I recently went to stay at a friend’s cottage in Haliburton County Ontario and found this really neat stick in the lake. I thought it might make a cool perch for my birds, but I don’t want to add it to their cages before finding out what kind of tree it was from and whether it’s safe for my...
  3. qiaolintan

    Choosing tree branches for perches

    I'm planning on making some natural wood perches for my budgie, but I'm having a hard time finding bird-safe trees because I live in Singapore, and most information about safe trees are more about trees commonly found in the west. Would it be a good idea to get branches from trees where lots of...
  4. vivdaniel

    Is there any alternative to using bleach to disinfect natural wood for perches?

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is any safe alternative to using bleach to disinfect natural wood for perches?
  5. B

    Are almond branches safe for Cockatiels?

    Hi, it's me again! I was wondering, are almond branches safe for cockatiels? Like to use for 'tiels as perches and to chew on. Also THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ANSWERS ON MY OTHER THREAD! I'm taking your advices!
  6. Chase Hein

    Natural Perch Problems

    Hey, so I have been needing new perches for my birds for a while. I have three sticks that I have washed with water and striped the bark as much as I could. They are maple. Is there anything that I should do to them to make the sticks sanitary and free of disease, fungus, etc.? Thanks again...
  7. Zara

    Pictures Lovebird cage setup

    I have 4 cages for my 6 birds (I actually have 6 cages but two are sunbathing cages) so I thought I'd share my setups for my littles.... Adélie: She has a closed foot so has a short cage. There is already a thread about her cage on Special needs crossing but I will go over it here, The cage...
  8. Hoshi

    Looking for Safe Houseplants to use as Live Perches!

    Just to give you some background: My bird just turned 1 and is getting more and more curious by the day. I have always had a good size perch and several toys on top of his cage, and he would contently play on top of the cage (I have him out all day when I'm at the house). Recently he's been...
  9. Mysdrym

    Homemade Perches

    So, I had a bunch of maple and hickory branches fall during Hurricane Florence, and most of them have been taken away by trash, but I thought I could use the remaining ones for perches. I have them cut. I know that I'm supposed to bake them, but my oven died while I was making dinner tonight...
  10. Brenda_H

    Help finding a GCC & Budgie sized perch stand

    I read on here often, but finally broke down and decided to post my question. Has anyone had luck finding a rolling perch that is suitable for a green cheek and budgie? Our little table top perch is tired and we really want them off the table and onto something more portable so I can wheel them...
  11. Brenda_H

    Pictures A perch/playstand for GC & Budgie

    This is my first post! I need help finding a rolling perch that is suitable for both my green cheek and budgie. They prefer to perch near each other as they have for some time. They are supervised because GC tends to annoy the budgie by begging for scritches. I would like them to ideally have...
  12. Doctress

    Pictures Medium perches for cheeps (lol)

    Because somehow, silly Doc thought these would be a good size for large birds. :facepalm: (Just like when I buy clothes...I think I’m smaller than I actually am :angelic:) Small wooden ones have never been used (straighter one is pine) White one is plastic with sandpaper on other half, never...
  13. Atomiklan

    Perch OVERKILL!

    Alrighty, get ready for a long one... I decided to take a break from the research project parts machining to do something fun. Went to the shop this weekend and made three neato perches for the finches. Ever since Charlie picked out his favorite spot on top of the kitchen cabinets, I decided I...
  14. Atomiklan

    Pictures Lots of incoming acrylic toys and perches!

    So after spending some time getting to know the fids and their preferences, I have determined the need for some custom perches around the house (and eventual acrylic toys). Charlie loves to perch on top of the kitchen cabinets and on top of my spoon collection. He'll sit up there for quite some...
  15. FlockofFive

    Our video on how to set up a new cage for your fids :)

    This is us setting up a new cage for our green cheek conure, Happy! Watch how we set up the cage, play top area, arrange our perches, toys, food, and water!! Please ask us any questions you have in the comments, we are happy to answer :D
  16. L

    Sun conure chewing

    My 7 month sun conure Mango won't stop eating his wooden perches! He is swallowing the pieces and the perch literally looks like it is going to snap. I removed them from the cage and now he is just sitting dejectedly on a rope perch and not doing much. How do I get him to stop chewing and is...
  17. Featheredfuffs

    Perching ideas for a conure with a toe problem?

    I just got a cinnamon green cheek conure from a parrot rescue, and one of her toes bends upwards. The rescue got her that way, and it can never be fixed. She gets along fine, but she does have a much weaker grip in that foot, and it makes her very sensitive and nippier when you ask her to step...
  18. T

    I'm New!

    I am going to be a first time bird parent in a couple of weeks. I'm adopting 2 three-year old linnies. They are a bonded pair, male and female. I am reading madly to learn as much as possible. (I've already learned tons here, thanks) I will appreciate all your help in answering my questions...
  19. Reggie

    DIY (Balsa Wood) Platform Perches

    During the last week (as I've been getting excited to bring my first conure home) I've also been checking out some "conure sized" toys and perches that are on some vendors' wesbites, trying to get ideas of what I could spoil my new birdie with. But my entire life I've been more of a...