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  1. GalaxyDog9

    Safe for lovebirds?

    Hello! I was wondering if this was ok for our birdies, I know people on here tend to be wary of amazon when looking for things for birds, but this seems ok and has good reviews, any comments or concerns...
  2. BlueLove

    Perches on drywall?

    So these perches are made for cages, but have you ever tried screwing them into the drywall instead? I have a bay window and I am thinking about possible ways to put some perches on the wall around the window. I thought I'd ask here first before poking holes in my wall. Another idea would be...
  3. Barakon

    Is basil a safe perch option?

    For much needed context; I have taken out a dead basil plant from my back yard and cut out the dried up roots, thinking I could save it for later as a perch. I already washed in my bathtub with boiling water and also want to use a mixture of distilled clear vinegar, water, and lemon juice as its...
  4. Haydenb

    Any way to make dowel perches better?

    Hi; so I got a medium prevue pet products playstand for a conure and the vast majority of the perches/poles are dowel perches which I know isn't very good for their feet compared to natural wood ones. Is there a way where I could sand it to make it more uneven/tree branch like or something to...
  5. maounm

    Branches for greenwings

    Hi what tree branches particularly found in south east asia are good for a breeding pair of greenwings?
  6. J

    gym ideas??

    I have a clothes rack that I'm not using, and I want to put it to good use for my birdies!! But I'm stuck on ideas of what exactly to do with it. It's the same as the one in the photo. I'm planning on wrapping vet tape around the top pole and hanging boings, swings, and a climbing net from the...
  7. E

    Bird safe way to fill cracks in natural branches?

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has found a good bird-safe way to fill cracks in branches? I have some perfect natural perches for my Maxi pionus, but there are a few cracks from the drying process in just the right places to catch his little claws.
  8. FeatheredM

    How do you properly disenfect a perch?

    So I really want to learn how to make bird perches and I found ALOT of good information, the tools you need, safe woods, safe metals ect. But I'm very confused on how to disenfect them, some websites say to use bleach(is there a risk to that? Bleach is very strong) some websites say to just bake...
  9. EmmaAndEiffel

    Disabled parrot no perches??

    My rosella had bumblefoot surgery on his feet years ago and since then we've been battling blisters on his feet, I go up and down to the vet often and they can find no cause so I've been told "it's just something that's gonna happen because of the surgery". He's on long term anti inflammatorys...
  10. ZY28

    Is the remaining sawdust and dead insect in perches after baking harmful?

    So, I just went out a pickup some mapple branches to make natural perches. I had to get the bark of since some mapple's bark is toxic to birds. By doing so, I saw some tunnels filled with sawdust. I saw on line that by washing, soaking and then baking the branches will kill anything alive and...
  11. FeatheredM

    Need some advice on perches

    I'm getting a new bird and I need some perches, I have a limited amount of money, and I need a place with good, varied perches that aren't too expensive. The perches are for a conure.
  12. J

    Looking for Natural toys

    Hey guys, Just wondering where I can find natural wood perches, toys, foraging toys. I live in Singapore, can't find much avian shops here, the local pet store only has plastic toys and wooden dowels (Im looking for something which isn't perfect in shape like dowels). Is there any e commerce...
  13. Hoshi

    Is driftwood safe to use for building a tree stand?

    I would be getting the wood from a clean, freshwater river. I already talked with the local nature advisory and they gave me the green light to take a few pieces. I'm planning on cleaning it with some non-concentrated Dawn (what I use to clean his cage) and some F10 (veterinary antiviral and...
  14. SweetestAv

    Flagdtone Perches - Dental Cement

    Hey guys! I hadn't realized I posted my question on a super old thread :hilarious: so... I am interested in getting a flagstone perch, or some sort of perch for my caiques to hack away at that is safe for them. There used to be a vendor here who sold flagstone perches made of dental cement but...
  15. JessAndSky

    Hello from Jess and Sky!

    I got Skyler (Severe Macaw) when she was a baby and I was 15. Now she's 21 and still thriving! We're about to make the move from Virginia to Salt Lake City next week so I've been prepping her for her first plane ride. Any tips would be appreciated! I wrapped her perch in the plane approved...
  16. T

    Tree perch help

    Hey all! First time poster, long time reader here! So I wanted to build a “tree perch” for my little tiel (chip) and I got a branch big enough (olive, not yet disinfected but will be before I give him) and a bucket as a base. I need something to fill the bucket, to keep it sturdy. I wanted to...
  17. Y

    Can you use a grill to bake wood?

    This sounds stupid, but I was wondering if it’s possible to use a grill to bake wood for disenfecting? I just finished using a bleach/water mix to disinfect some branches but I wanted to do some more and bake it. Do I have to bake it? And if so can I use a grill, or will that just grill the wood?
  18. edenic

    Does anyone recognize this branch wood?

    I recently went to stay at a friend’s cottage in Haliburton County Ontario and found this really neat stick in the lake. I thought it might make a cool perch for my birds, but I don’t want to add it to their cages before finding out what kind of tree it was from and whether it’s safe for my...
  19. qiaolintan

    Choosing tree branches for perches

    I'm planning on making some natural wood perches for my budgie, but I'm having a hard time finding bird-safe trees because I live in Singapore, and most information about safe trees are more about trees commonly found in the west. Would it be a good idea to get branches from trees where lots of...
  20. vivdaniel

    Is there any alternative to using bleach to disinfect natural wood for perches?

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is any safe alternative to using bleach to disinfect natural wood for perches?