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peach faced lovebird

  1. B

    Pictures Looking for Specific Naturally Molted Lovebird Feathers for Crafting

    Hey, I'm looking for some naturally molted feathers from these specific mutations of birds for a crafting project to add some feathers to a trinket jar. Wondering if anyone would be willing to provide some?: :rflb: Normal / Wild Coloration Peach-Faced Lovebird Feathers Example pictures...
  2. AllieVital

    8 week old lovebird won't eat from food dish

    So I just got a new baby peach-faced lovebird bird. He's 8 weeks old and I've never had a bird this young before. I was reassured by the breeder that he was fully weaned but I've noticed that he shows no interest in eating from his food bowl in his cage. He'll sit on my shoulder and eat seed...
  3. jadesha

    New lovebird doesn't trust me yet, but loves my head

    So I've just brought home a new peach-faced lovebird named Pokka yesterday, and he is still very scared of me, but loves to be let out of his cage. Pokka loves flying around my room when I'm just working, but he doesn't trust me in general yet, however, he seems to love calmly sitting on my...
  4. vrnkstxx

    Tips for a first time owner of a young female lovebird

    Hey guys! First time posting and first time being a lovebird owner (okay i will be getting her in 2 days but nonetheless). I have previously owned two budgies and a cockatiel so i do have some experience. However, since this is my first time owning a lovebird i decided to ask you some questions...
  5. E

    Black poop and bird not being able to walk. (sad update #4)

    Hello, I’m so worried. I woke up this morning to my peach face lovebird not being able to stand up straight, walk or keep his eyes open. I’m wondering is anyone else has had anything like this happen to their birds?? I’ve also noticed that his poop is extremely dark (black).
  6. Ocha_Tuna

    HELLO! New Parront just joined

    Hello everyone and thanks for letting me join. I am a parront of 2 lovebirds: 1 is a green peachfaced lovebird named Ocha - he will turn two this November, and the younger one is a blue masked which will be one this December. I'm a pretty busy guy myself so I can't always spend hours with...
  7. C

    Please Share Experience

    Hi everyone! I made another post similar to this, but on the conure page. In the next year or so I'm hoping to get my own personal bird, so I am in no rush to make a decision. After so much research I am torn between Green Cheek Conures and Peachfaced Lovebirds. On week days I'm typically...
  8. VelocirapGirl

    I Need Help With Biting and Eating

    My lovebird is about a year and nine months old. So far, he will let me hold him with a stick and will eat from my fingers. However, he is really interested in what my fingers have for him because he associates them with food right now so when I hold him with a stick and he's energetic he will...
  9. K

    Conure vs Lovebird?

    Hey guys! So I totally caught the bird bug and I’m thinking about getting a second bird. I’ve narrowed down my options to either a GCC or a peachie. I’m totally stuck between the two and was looking for some advice. For some background: I’m a college student, not living in dorms, and I do have...
  10. Beasley

    Hello Everyone!

    I’m happy to join the fold! Sorry I’m a bit late on introducing myself I’ve been really working with my lovebird Giuseppe (Peeps) and he just HATES my phone with a passion. We’re currently working on “no biting” also I’ve been having some rather upsetting finch drama... A bit about me: I...
  11. T

    I think I've gotten myself into a problem

    so I've wanted a lovebird for quite some time and was unsure for awhile if I was going to get one or two as I've heard two can be a handful. I contacted a breeder who was super helpful, answered all of my questions and said he'd give me a mate for my lovebird free of charge. He seemed really...
  12. Loor

    Beak Tip Turning Black?

    Hi, uh, this is my first time making a post so please forgive me if I accidentally break some rules. But anyways, lately the tip of my Lovie’s, Maya, beak has been turning black. Oddly enough, it’s not always black, it’s usually an somewhat transparent yellow but occasionally it seems to be...
  13. Miss B

    A note on scritchy-scratchies

    Hi all! I joined today because I often come to this site for advice, and I wanted to share something! Cello is my little guy, he's a peach-face and he's been my partner in crime for a little over a year now. He loves scritchy-scratchies, and when I scratch him I always smooth the feathers...
  14. Dgirard

    Zazu melting my heart as always

    Zazu and I had a good long snowpocalypse cuddle session. He is such a sweetheart :swoon: He normally doesn't like being touched that much, but has recently started asking for scritches by rubbing his head against my fingers. It melts my heart :cloud9: