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  1. Turkey2017

    Young Caique Obsessed With Nose

    I recently acquired a six month old white bellied caique and she is an absolute dream. However, she is obsessed with my nose. Like to the point of spending all of our one-on-one time trying to grab it. She’s not being aggressive. She straight up is just trying to lick inside my nostrils. Of...
  2. Popplizzie

    Bird nostril sounds

    Hello, My green cheek Conure started making little noises as if there was something in his nose, there isn’t any discharge and he’s been sneezing every once in a while and he’s never done this before so I’m a little nervous. It’s in the middle of the night here so I can’t contact a vet. He’s...
  3. Tenleigh

    Something in his nose

    I noticed boogers in both of my cockatiels nose. This happened before but the vet just removed them and he seemed fine. I’m not sure how to remove them or if I should remove it? Does anyone know what I should do next? (His behavior is normal overall.)
  4. Pym

    Missing nose fuzz on love bird

    Hello! This Is my first post so yeah... To start off, I'm pretty new to owning a parrot. I did own one when I was younger but I don't remember much about it. I would say im pretty knowledgable on how to care for a bird correctly and I take all the precautions to ensure my bird is safe, happy...
  5. Hoshi

    Bird-safe lip moisturizers/facial products?

    Hi everyone, So here in the Northwest, winter weather is here, and with winter weather comes very cold weather that dries out your skin. My little one (Indian Ringneck:irnv:) loves to preen my face, nose, ears, and especially recently, my lips. He really enjoys trying to peel the dead skin off...
  6. mlky

    Video Parakeet/Budgie Has Something In His Nose

    hi this is mlky. im here to ask about this booger i saw in my budgies nose. his name is Ipse :pletb: and he is super cute, but im very worried about him. he only has it in one of his nostrils. im going to attempt to take it out somehow (probably by flushing it out/blowing/tweezers), if it's...
  7. LoyalButler

    Pictures Is this nostril shape/color normal for a GCC?

    This is my second GCC(yellow-sided GCC) Kiro, and she's about 6 months old. Recently I noticed that her nostrils have different colour/shape to my first GCC Milo's and it kinda worries me. Compared to her older brother's, they look distinctively pinkish and swollen and it seems like the degree...
  8. PippinLovebird

    Lovebird Nose

    LOL I am just being extra cautious with Pippin lately. XD This is a weird question but... Is it normal that one of my lovebirds nose holes is a little larger than the other one? let me know! Thanks again everyone. :)
  9. Whoviana

    Bird in Nose

    Our new GCC likes to put her beak in my husband's nose. She is not biting him, just putting her beak in his nose. Does anyone else have a bird who does this?
  10. Curtis

    Potential Health Worry.

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Hey all, I'm new to this forum and I'm looking for some advice, I have a lovely male cockatiel called bobby and he's around 15, we don't know his exact age as he was given to us when he was either one or two when my nan passed away, he's getting old...