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love birds

  1. R

    Pictures Lovebird color/mutation help

    Hello all, this my first post here. I have a question about my lovebirds and what the colors/ mutations are called, I have a single male which to me is like a yellow/greenish color with lighter wing tips, and have a breeding pair, Normal Green Male , and blu-ish/green female with white lower...
  2. Mango5


    My Lovebird Mango! He’s very kind and Playful, I’ve only had him for a year.
  3. M

    What is a ring And no ring lovevrd and cross breed/hybrid lovebirs

    Hello Im interest to buy love bird.but i here there is a two species love bird ring love bird and no ring love bird.what is a ring and no ring love bird and how i know.?And what is a hybrid/crossbreed love bird? and how i identified hybrid/crosbreed love bird..pls tell me detais.thanks
  4. Hea7her

    New member from SoCal

    Hi, I am a new member from Southern California. I love your forum and have visited from time to time over the years. I figured it was time I sign up. :) I have two lovebirds, a female peach faces and a male mix between a peach faced and I think an eye ring. They are about 2 years old and live...
  5. M

    How to take care of birds in summer??

    Hi, In this summer season, the birds room become hot. I give them bath at morning and use exhaust fan but the room keep going hot. Can I need to use any other fan or anything which keep their room cool?? Please help me, Thanks
  6. JenBirds

    Pictures Moving my pets,(Lovebirds) what is best procedure ?

    My husband and I have 10 birds in all.. 6 grown birds and 4 babies. And now were planning to move about two hours away in the Spring time @ April.. Any tips on what to do and not to do? by the time we move the babies will be weaned hopefully, and no longer babies
  7. Habiba

    New bird owner

    Hi all Okay so I’m new here. I’ve just made an account right now cus I’ve never owned a bird before obviously I just rescued a cute love bird a few days ago (named him tweety lol) ... seems to have flown from one of the neighbours and landed to my balacony so I decided to keep it and I bought...
  8. S

    Urgent Can a baby lovebird grow up without its mother?

    Unfortunately, the mother of a four weeks old lovebird escaped today and I am thinking to get a new female. Are there any dangers in this? Will the new bird take care of the baby?
  9. McBird

    the snuggle burb

    he was being super snuggly this morning before I interrupted it to get him som cool treats for him to eat. he's cleaning on my knee right now being his cute little self. I'm waiting for him to start his molt here soon so my floor is covered with bright yellow and orange feathers so I can start a...
  10. Harpo's mom

    To shower or bath, that is the question

    I have a 4 month old Love Bird. I know they love water. I am wondering if you find your bird enjoys baths or showers. If baths, what one do you have. Shallow or deep..
  11. Harpo's mom

    Love Bird Club

    Hi, I have been trying to find A love Bird (or any small parrot) club near me. But can't find anything on lovebirds. Not even on facebook. I started a group on FB but only one member LOL Any suggestions? I am in North NJ (Dover)
  12. Spnfox

    Hello world :)

    Hello everyone, its nice to find a forum that is still active that is strictly dedicated to our feathered babies. To start things off, My name is Kathy. I am 25 years old. I've been around animals and birds my whole life. I loved them so much as I grew up that I took up working at an exotic...