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love bird

  1. Luvbirds

    Does this mean it's mate time??????

    Hello my bird friends, Thank you all for your help in my current birdy journey. It hasn't been easy but you guys have helped a lot My current question now is... Is it time for a new mate for my Lovebird Pepita??? I went to the vet yesterday and she is fine just needs to eat more because the...
  2. Z

    Beak issue?

    Hi all, Noticed My lovebirds beak looks as though the end has peeled and has gone brown at the tip. Can you please let me know if this is normal? Otherwise healthy as far as we can tell!
  3. alyxctt

    hand fed lovebirds starting to reject food

    My baby lovebirds are a little more than 35 days. Both are fully feathered and are able to perch, preen, chirp, and try to fly. The white lovebird (no name yet, feel free to leave some suggestions!) likes to flap her wings in the brooder when she thinks nobody is around. Kind of like the adult...
  4. PistachioR

    New Friend Pistachio

    Hello to those reading this lovely thread. Our family recently rescued a beautiful Lovebird my daughter has formally named Pistachio. We are first time bird owners, trying to navigate how to properly take care of this lovely creature. We have gotten her quite a large cage, tons of toys...
  5. S

    Elder lovebird attacking younger lovebird.

    Hi everyone, I had a lovebird for 2 to 3 months. Its age would probably be 4 months. It never interacted with any other bird. It is very responsive to the birds sounds coming from outside. However it doesn’t climb to fingers and bare skin but it do sits on my shoulder and head and play with my...
  6. vuilos

    dark shade above lovebird beak?

    Hi everyone I am new here and I’ve been trying to look up on google about my concern regarding a almost brownish dark color above my birds beak, in which lead me here. I saw some other people were discussing about it but I wasn’t sure if they were talking about the same thing. They said it was...
  7. vani

    Bird-Loving Roommate(s)

    Hello again cool friends of avian avenue!!! Hopefully this is the right place to ask this question. I need to move out, but my lovie is priority number one. I could afford to live in an apartment alone with him, but I worry about the noise he may make. He's definitely not the loudest...
  8. Zblurt

    Gender identification: Lovebirds

    I was wondering if there was any ways I could identify my lovebirds gender simply with behavior? If not, could anyone send me a link to a DNA testing I can buy online? Rico, my supposed male lovebird, loves tearing apart paper and stuff it in his feathers (like if he was preparing for a nest)...
  9. S

    I want to help my bird

    I rescued common myna from the park and he is eating good but today when I touch him I feel his body is not warm as it was before and sometime his body is shivering little bit and one thing he go to sleep right after eating and he is sleeping more than before when I take him to my house he was...
  10. ktluvszoe

    Mixed dog/bird home safety?

    Hi, I notice that some of you seem to have birds and dogs. Wondering how you manage to get peace for the two? Currently I live at home with my parents and expect to for at least the next 2 years. We used to only have my lovebird and she got lots of out of cage time, but my grandmother recently...
  11. N

    Aggressive male lovebird

    Hi everyone! I am new to forums so forgive me if I am doing anything incorrectly. I'm seeking out the help of fellow bird lovers because of an issue I have. So I have a sweet old man lovebird (he is about 12 y.o) and a very energetic 2 year old lovebird (also male). We adopted him after the...
  12. C

    My lovebird is biting me after I introduced her to a new lovebird

    Okay so this is going to be a long post but I'm generally confused. So Kiwi, rosy-faced my 3-month-old lovebird, my "female" lovebird (according to a breeder) flew to my dad while he was standing outside and she was really tamed. This was 28 days ago. She was extremely sweet and used to come to...
  13. Carine

    Weaning help!!

    Hello everyone!!! This is Jive, my cute lovebird, I believe he is around 6-7 weeks old? (Correct me if I’m wrong), I’m trying to start with the weaning process. I started mixing formula with a mix of fine seeds (the one in the picture) and he’s eating from his bowl alone, he also eats from a...
  14. Lucario223

    Mite Problem

    Hello! A while ago while getting my two lovebirds through a vet check-up i was informed there was a mite issue. I got the medication that the vet perscribed (Ivermectin) and for the past few months i have been applying two drops every two weeks. Recently for some reason the mites have been...
  15. Littlelovebird

    Friendly lovebird turns aggresive

    Hi! Question for you peoplso a little bit of context; I've had Skittles for 3 years. I hand feeded her when she was a couple weeks old and she became super friendly and loving. She is a female. She is nice. Has some moments when she is more moody and will nip a bit to let us know she needs us...
  16. ktluvszoe

    Safe flight time in open floor plan

    Hiya guys! Still fairly new to the forum and parronting, this is my second post and third week with my lovebird (first bird ever, aside from 11 year old neighborhood peacock who has chosen me as his person). Have a question about flight time in my house layout with a pretty open floor plan...
  17. ktluvszoe

    Newbie, single lovebird needs cage

    Newbie here! Apologies if cages have already been discussed endlessly, I’ve been checking the forums on Google and a lot of cages seem to no longer be sold or links are broken and I’m frantic here. I was gifted a baby lovebird in wayyy too small a cage and I am desperate to get her something...
  18. H

    I don't know what my bird is asking of me

    lovebird is shouting and I know it's full cause it's crop is full I fed it around 3 hours ago any suggestions? checkout the video of how it is shouting https://vimeo.com/user163851097/review/667121747/10f393daab
  19. H

    Pictures Help In care of Baby lovebird

    So I bought this baby around 2 weeks ago it was 3 weeks old it likes me a lot but is it normal for it to ask for more formula as it ages? and is it normal for it to just start climbing out of the box and roam around or might it need something from that I don't understand? and now at this age do...
  20. B

    My lovebirds are terrified of me and fly away whenever i come near them (how do i tame 2 lovebirds)

    Hi there, sorry if this is in the wrong catergory i wan't sure where to put it as this is my first post (on any forum website) Details: 2 Black masked lovebirds. Pet store we got them from said they were about 8 months (don't know if true or not) Both male and are bonded to one another. I...