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  1. D

    Affectionate bird suggestions?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post ever, I'm excited to have found this website! My husband and I just got our first IRN last week, she is about 3 months old and has so much personality. We originally got a bird so I could have a companion as I work at home and hate being alone! After doing our...
  2. Hossinn

    IRN Ear Testing

    Hello All, This is my first post since bringing "Neela" home yesterday. We adopted Neela (18 month old, male, IRN) from a loving family who could no longer care for him properly. Neela is very comfortable stepping up for anybody in the family...mom, dad, Quin (11), Melina (8). This is...
  3. M

    IRN Pair- Help?

    Hello everyone:) I've been looking everywhere to find adoptable or re-home-able (is that a word?:lol:) birds. I have found an ad on Craigslist, where the person was selling a pair of tame, four month-old IRNs, with their cage and everything. And at a reasonable price :omg: . She's asking 300 for...
  4. A

    New Female and Male Indian Ringneck

    I have a African Grey Parrot which is always at home alone for 9 hours a day while I am at work. So I decided to get her some friends. I decided to buy an Indian Ring neck which I have no experience with. I went to more than 1 Avian shop and looked around. I ended up buying 2 IRNs, male and...
  5. kenthebird

    Beak Discoloration in Male Indian Ringneck

    I just returned home from college for winter break, and my parents have been taking care of my bird this semester until I move off campus next year and can bring him with me. I gave my mom all of the instructions about taking care of my 2 and a half year old male IRN (diet, toys, lots of...