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  1. M

    IRN Pair- Help?

    Hello everyone:) I've been looking everywhere to find adoptable or re-home-able (is that a word?:lol:) birds. I have found an ad on Craigslist, where the person was selling a pair of tame, four month-old IRNs, with their cage and everything. And at a reasonable price :omg: . She's asking 300 for...
  2. A

    New Female and Male Indian Ringneck

    I have a African Grey Parrot which is always at home alone for 9 hours a day while I am at work. So I decided to get her some friends. I decided to buy an Indian Ring neck which I have no experience with. I went to more than 1 Avian shop and looked around. I ended up buying 2 IRNs, male and...
  3. kenthebird

    Beak Discoloration in Male Indian Ringneck

    I just returned home from college for winter break, and my parents have been taking care of my bird this semester until I move off campus next year and can bring him with me. I gave my mom all of the instructions about taking care of my 2 and a half year old male IRN (diet, toys, lots of...