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  1. P

    IRN territory training (sad update #4)

    Hi! I have a 10mo old F Indian/African Ringneck hybrid and a couple of months ago we added a green cheek (M 3mo old) to keep her company while my partner and I are at work. After quarantining them, we brought their cages into the same room. They are practically the same model cage, so look quite...
  2. HabibiMom

    IRN loves Doum Palm Fruit - What do your Ringnecks like?

    I don't know if this is available everywhere, but I'm in Egypt, so its everywhere here, and our ringnecks love this. They don't eat the fruit inside, because we buy just the outer casing....and they love to eat and chew on that and just destroy it. It's one of their favorite things. If you...
  3. Mist.N

    What makes IRNs unique?

    Hello Avian Avenue! This is my first time posting. I adopted an juvenile IRN (probably f) about half a year ago. She's gotten pretty confident and has a lovely and somewhat sassy and stubborn personality. :angelic: I was wondering what experienced IRN parents think makes them different from...
  4. JavaRN

    New IRN baby!

    Brand new 3 month old baby boy (DNAed). He is second from left in the first picture. The second picture are their parents. Male is possibly DF violet, possibly split cinn. Knowing they change so much during first few molts, just wondering about your thoughts on colors you see here. New to...
  5. T

    Female Parrot Vent Swollen

    Hello, My female IRN has been mating for the last couple months with no eggs produced so far. Today I notiched her vent was dirty and swollen. What could this be? Infection or egg binding? Or is it normal for the breading season? Can anyone please recommend an avian vet near Windsor, UK. Thanks
  6. ScarredAngel6

    Thinking of getting a third bird. IRN, Quaker, or Conure?

    I don’t really know which forum to post this so I hope it’s ok to post here, but I have a 3yo Jenday conure and a ~12yo pineapple Green Cheek conure and we want a third baby to our flock. We have 3 different ideas, an Indian Ringneck, a Quaker, or a different conure. We obviously have the most...
  7. Angela_2

    Big molt of IRN

    Hello everyone. Few weeks ago i noticed black feathers near Tweety's beak. He's growing his balck ring now but I'm concerned about his feathers overall. He's molting and has no tail now, i provide him a variety of vegetables and fruits besides Tropical pellet. I think he's getting his big boy...
  8. ChirpysMom

    Fresh Food!

    So I have been trying to get my new IRN to try new fresh foods. When I got her she was eating some really gross food. She didn’t want me to see her eat. Sweet fruits like blueberries, mango, papaya, apple, all easy going but she doesn’t want to eat her kale or greens. She would pick through chop...
  9. Buganjimo

    Indian ringneck dive bombing

    (was posted in the IRN form but figured it was more suited to here) If anyone can help me it would really be appreciated. My IRN Rhea is about 3 years old, (she is technically male but I refer to her as female because I originally thought she was female when I got her, lol), just growing in her...
  10. Buganjimo

    Aggressive Ringneck

    If anyone can help me it would really be appreciated. My IRN Rhea is about 3 years old, (she is technically male but I refer to her as female because I originally thought she was female when I got her, lol), just growing in her ring. Recently shes been flying at my head aggressively. and I dont...
  11. O

    newbie Took in an IRN

    hey everyone, We found a fallen IRN and took him to the vet to make sure everything was okay. He just needed some antibiotics and calcium. We decided to take him in, but I have no experience raising a bird. I'm going to need all the help I can get. The veterinarian wasn't clear with the age...
  12. B

    Molting, Over Preening or Plucking?

    Hey guys! I hope you've all been well this year!! Lately Frankie, my IRN, has been losing some of his larger feathers, not his soft fluffy downy ones. He looks molt-normal? His colour is a bit duller and he looks scruffier than normal, just like he does when he's molting, the only reason I'm...
  13. ParrotNuts

    Wild Ringnecks!!!!!!!

    I just got my hands on a good camera, so I've been trying to take as many birdy pics as possible :rubhands: and the presence of wild ringnecks and alexanderines around my apartment isn't discouraging me!!! :lol: So, I'll use this thread to post wild parrot pics :D
  14. Angela_2

    Picky baby

    Hi there. My baby is so picky, an Indian ringnecked. I give him every morning a mix of veggies and fruit but he only wants to eat seeds especially sunflowers. I give him as much variety of food as i can but he doesn't want to eat much of his veggies and fruit. Today mix included cucumber...
  15. Asalar

    Eating Problems or just being a bird

    Well, my IRN has been with me for at least a month and his quarantine is ending tomorrow but the last two days he started dropping the treats I give him 95% of the time and, if it was only treats it would've been fine but, I changed his diet from all seed to fruits and, vegetables which then he...
  16. V

    IRN with budgies

    Hello all! So I have a 4 year old female IRN, had her since she was about 7 weeks old. She's sassy but still very loving and tame and a big talker. Recently with the quarantine, I've been working from so she is out 24/7 and loving it. I'm worried that I head back to work, she'll be lonely...
  17. HeatherD

    IRN head petting

    I only pet my female IRN on the head, but lately she's making clucking sounds and leaning over with her head up and eyes super pinned. It looks a bit like a hormonal female IRN. I'm even avoiding touching her beak. Today just when I lifted my finger over her head, she did this behavior. Do...
  18. winnieirn

    My poor little baby

    I decided to call this very nice lady that goes to your house and grooms your birdies because Winnie hasn’t been groomed for a while and I only used to do nails but now I did beak too because his was way too sharp. Of course I didn’t touch my baby’s wings because I love seeing him fly :heart...
  19. ravenousss

    I can't tell whether my bird is an Alexandrine or an IRN, help??

    My bird is 9 months old and I've presumed he is an Alexandrine Parakeet since that's what I was told when I got him, however, now that I look at more Alexandrine Parakeet images he doesn't seem to have that red spot on his wings like in the images I've seen. Sure, I understand not having the...
  20. Buganjimo

    Bite-y and angry IRN

    So, my IRN, Rhea has been a little,,, angry? territorial? Angsty? something along those lines lately. I got her at around 4months, and shes about 18 months now. when I got her, she was terrified of humans, hands, and me. I worked on just approaching her cage, giving her treats, etc. we used to...