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  1. Blue-Wing

    Two Birds of a Feather

    Hello everyone. New bird-keeper (n00b as they say) here.) Just bought two budgerigars (budgies) from the pet store here after ordering a L01 Model Large (Small Bird) Cage by Vision (Hagen) on Amazon. Also ordered and set up (before bringing the birds home) toys (popsickle sticks, ring with bell...
  2. J

    Introducing myself

    Hello all, I am looking forward to meeting the folks here on the forum. My name is Jessi, I am an RN and also train racehorses with my other half. Had "inside" birds previously (parakeets and cockatiels) and have lots of experience with farm animals and "outside" birds (chickens ducks geese). I...
  3. birdashes

    cockatoo took over my life...

    ...In a good way? Haha, sorry for the title. I made this account a year ago... I recently decided I think this forum would be a great place for me, especially navigating life with my newish 'too. Roughly 8 months ago I got ownership of a young rose breasted cockatoo rehome. He was about 6...
  4. Flyover

    Good Morning

    I am new to this thread but not to birds, yet I find this site a great source of expertise. I have been reading threads on here for some time, and just recently joined up in order to post some questions of my own. (My first is in the cockatiel section regarding the possibility of a cockatiel and...
  5. W

    Hello from mn!

    i live in Minnesota and I work part time as a pca. I used to have a house and I'd fed the crows in my backyard and I loved it so much. I had to move unexpectedly in October and it's broken my heart to leave my birds behind (even if they weren't mine and never would be...they'd wake me up for...
  6. chevy


    Hey there. My name is Chevy, and I am a student (under 18) in the USA. You can call me Chevy, Des, Red, etc. - pretty much whatever you want as long as it's not incredibly ridiculous. I have three parakeets; a blue girl named Happy, a dark factor green boy named Emerald, & a pale yellow...
  7. M

    Cockatiel eggs untamed female

    I have a cockatiel who after years suddenly is laying over dozen eggs by herself. Should I consider adding a male. I don't think she would get a long with another cockatiel. What do you think? I once introduced two love birds and had to separate them because one would bite the other.
  8. Sylvi_

    Meet Kirika!

    Decided to post a little on my hammie. She's about 5 months old and is the silliest little ham. I've had her for about 4 months now and love the tiny munchkin. She lives in a spacious 55 gallon tank. She was the runt of the litter, so she's much smaller then most Syrians. But she makes up for it...
  9. mochiballs

    Hello from BC, Canada

    Hi everyone! I'm JJ, parront to Mochi the GCC and Maccha the Gold-Capped Conure. I'm not the most experienced, but I'm willing to constantly learn and just want my babies to live life to the fullest and be happy. Mochi is a cinnamon GCC that I got from a breeder. I know don't shop, adopt. He...
  10. Littlbird

    Hey, New to the neighborhood

    Hi my name is lorechelle(avi) /Latin for littlbird. .yes spelled w/o the e in little, it needs to be original like tuck! :blahblah: And my 5 year old baby. Well" My" baby, is Tuck, Tucker,Tuck-Tuck Burd.... aka.. I have fostered every species of parrot. Okay, never a Black Palm Too, or greater...