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  1. Summzz

    Is Hormone Therapy Safe?

    Hi everyone! I wondering if anyone has some personal experience or thoughts on Hormone Therapy for A Cinnamon Green Cheek. I know it's not recommenced for just overly hormonal birds but Claire has been laying eggs for about a year now and not only has a 3-4 per batch but she also always has a...
  2. Dextine

    They think I'm their mate!

    Hey guys, I own two male lovebirds. They are on a pellet and seed diet and I try to get them used to veggies. They have a very big cage and lots of toys they enjoy. They get 12 hours darkness. I've noticed that if I using a baby voice to talk to them is a hormonal trigger and I am now avoiding...
  3. malibu

    What age do Lovebirds go through puberty?

    I was thinking about this last night since Chica is about 4/5 months now and she has started to go under the blanket and if I move the blanket at all she lunges at me. I have only been bitten once and that was when I was trying to type on my laptop and she didn't like that and bit me. It wasn't...
  4. AkasyaEllric

    Frisky Behavior Question

    The rare times Slade masturbates when he finishes he poops also. Is this normal? None of my other birds do it till they're finished so it struck me as odd. He also makes the weirdest sounds :lol2: but I figured those are more than likely normal.
  5. diitrex

    Hormonal and VERY BITEY GCC!

    Hi everyone! My GCC is about 1 and a half years old, and as of 3 or 4 weeks ago he started getting... frisky. Having researched GCC mating behaviors, it has come to my attention that he is absolutely decided that my brother is his mate. Which is A: sorta gross and B: super inconvenient because...
  6. teena87

    Diet and hormones

    Hello, I just wanted to see if anyone would have any experience or feedback on the below. My male lovebird has been on pellets most of his life. First Goldenfeast brand and then when the small beak formula became impossible to find in Canada I switched to Tops. He ate both. Several months ago...
  7. bingbong

    cockatiel is aggressive towards toy

    Hello! my 13 year old male cockatiel has started attacking a toy recently. He will run at it from across the perch and open his wings and flair his tail and then bite it. He has been acting more aggressive lately and even biting me which he never does. Do I remove the toy like I think I should...
  8. ina

    Pictures Swollen foot on cockatiel

    Hello! I have a cockatiel living with us since 17 years ago when she flied into my house. She's been fine in the first 14-5 years until she got cataract on her left eye (actually both eyes but her left eye is worsening faster). We brought her to the vet and have been given medicine (Meloxicam)...
  9. Sparrownote

    Sudden raging hormones and less appropriate related behaviors

    Hi there. New here. My conure (cherry headed), Spargel, is 13 years old. I adopted him years ago when he was young, but due to having a medically complex child a few years in, who needed things like intermittent hospitalizations and such, Spargel spent some years in a different home where he...
  10. Tamzine

    How to use up Conure's pent up energy (tire him out)

    OK so, my green cheek conure is being pretty hormonal. not in an aggressive way, he (or she) has always been aggressive and territorial, but now he spends his time at the bottom of the cage swaying his head back and forth or making regurgitating bobbing movements (usually with a piece of paper...
  11. Good_birdy

    Unprovoked Aggression Help

    I posted this in another avian forum and I would like to share this here to get as many ressources possible! Tookie hatched in july 2016, i have had her since she was 4 months old. I knew what I was getting into in terms of gcc being bitey and nippy. With persistance we overcame the...
  12. birdashes

    Hormones? Mourning? What's going on?

    Hi, I'm having some difficulties with my RB2 Val. I can't understand these new behaviors or where their coming from. Well- it's more where it's coming from. Val showed signs he was in love with me ( trying to mate, regurgitate , chasing off others and getting aggressive at other people +...
  13. Mochithegcc

    Do ALL Conures become evil little turds when hormones hit?

    Mochi my GCC is a little over one now. He's a total sweetheart to me, and pretty much let's me do anything I need to. We've got a good amount of trust going on, and I've learned most of his behaviours. I'm in a conure group on fb, and am seeing lots of "Hormonal" issue posts. The main one is...
  14. birdashes

    Socializing my parrot

    Hi! I could use some advice. I'm getting really nervous about Val ( my RB2 ) heading into hormones - even though I'm still quite far way from the real deal ( he's only a one and a half). He's already showing aggression to people that aren't me ( and me, when I don't do what he wants) . He got...
  15. C

    How do I discourage female conure mating behavior?

    I don't know the exact age of my female conure, but she's likely 2-3 years old because she's been exhibiting lots of hormonal behavior lately. In addition, I think she's chosen my dad as a mate. She can differentiate his footsteps and gets so excited whenever she hears his voice that she'll drop...
  16. Nimily

    My bird has gone insane.

    We have had our Congo African Grey Henry for a few years now. He is 15 years old. Last year around this time, he started chewing his feathers for the first time. Just around his crop, and it didn't get bad until January when we thought he was dying and rushed him to the vet because he had...
  17. W

    hormone time!

    so ive had my quaker for a few days now. hes really awesome and has learned to say step up and come on and whistle. i am his person. he tolerates my fiance. he is ok with my kid....except during his hormonal time, which is right now. ive been careful not to bop at him, pet him anywhere BUT his...
  18. lovebirds


    Our avian vet insisted that we tried the supplement "RELEAVES" for our lovebird hen who's on the implant and showing hormonal behavior after 9 months of having it inserted (it used to stop working in a much shorter period of time). We're not doing the whole 3 days of lights on, she suggested I...