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Good day to everyone here.
Hope everyone is well and safe.

i am posting after a long time.
I know this might be the most careless mistake i have every made and i regret it fully.

About 2 hours or so ago i had an accident with the bird. I hopped off my bed and stepped on my cockatiel. As soon as i stepped on him i heard a crack sound (similar to the one we get when we stretch ourselves). He ran away and flew a few centimeters and immediatly came on my finger. I have checked and he has walked and climbed up and down his cage normally. He is not bleeding anywhere but i am concerned about the crack noice which i heard.

He is also not coming close to anyone which is totally understandable.

Currently i have left the room so he can recover from the shock, a few minutes ago when i went to check on him, both the birds were (i think) shivering while trying to sleep. (Other bird has no clue on what happened)

what are the steps i should follow now? How do i know if he is injured?

once again i apologise to all. I know this is the most stupid mistake i have made. I regret it fully

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Don't beat yourself up. Living in an RV it's a miracle I haven't stomped TD when he's out. He loves being on the floor. I hope you can get your bird to a vet very soon. I pray he will be okay.


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Oh...I hope he will be alright. I agree a vet visit to check for injury.

I might be inclined to keep him in a small cage or travel carrier to restrict movement in case he has internal injuries
& to carefully monitor.
Call a vet & get advice though they probably will need to see him & hopefully it can be soon.
Shivering does not sound good but don't know why both would be doing so. Is it cold?
You should keep him comfortably warm in most cases but warmth is not the best thing if he has a concussion.