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healthy eating

  1. P

    Picky Parrotlet

    Hey all! I've never used this site before, so please let me know if I did something incorrectly. So I have a piggy yet picky garbage-gut parrotlet on my hands...I've tried so many different types of chop to incorporate into his diet, and he eats his main food perfectly fine... But, when it comes...
  2. J

    What pellets should I get?

    I have a pearl whiteface cockatiel, about 7mths old, I bought for a her a zupreem fruit blend pellet for medium sized birds (says it was recommended for tiels). However, when she nibbles on it, it's abit big and most of it just ends up at the bottom of the cage. I'm planning to get a (no...
  3. Hoshi

    Olive Oil? Looking for Foods that Promote Strong and Healthy Feathers

    My bird has a problem. He enjoys ((trying)) to fly. He was cared for improperly at his breeder and his feathers were cut off his wings in a very sloppy manner. In short, he can't fly. He finds jumping off his cage and flapping rapidly to be a good past time. Unfortunately for him, that hasn't...
  4. A

    Today's chop

    Making chop for so many different birds, from parakeets to African grays is a challenge. I try to mix it up, but have a few staples I stick with. I'm new to this, by my birds are thriving, and most now prefer chop to seed. today's chop: Baby spinach Apple Walnuts Sweet peppers Cauliflower...
  5. CupcakeKeator

    Worried about Black Tip Feathers?

    Here is my sweet boy Chihiro (Green Cheek Conure), I wanted to take a minute and share about his feather health (or lack there of). So my poor baby has been malnourished, and I had no idea! I feed him pellets, and nutri-balls, fruits, veggies, almonds (treats), he has a calcium block and a...
  6. Ashley123

    How much should I feed my bird?

    when I say how much I mean like how many cups. I have a green cheek conure, about 6 months old. The pet shop I got him from was feeding him half seed and half pallets, and I'm doing that, I just don't know how much I'm meant to be giving him every 24 hours. I give him 3/5 of a cup in the morning...
  7. S

    Need tips on converting to healthy diet!

    Hello everybody! I was gone from the forums for a while trying to gain trust of my rehomed CAG Jo-Jo. It's been already almost two months since he is at our place, and now he is more comfortable with me being around and he is even accepting treats from the open palm of my hand (before he would...
  8. Amanda6

    New healthy diet

    So I am wanting to change up my cag's diet. What is the healthiest diet to feed a congo grey? Scarlet is 1 year old and is currently on a fresh chop (mostly veggies and a fruit or 2) morning diet with a dry mix (zupreem natural pellets, nuts, dehydrated fruit) for dinner. I want to feed the...