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health advice

  1. O

    Is this a broken foot?

    I just noticed this on my budgie, her foot appears to be stuck like this after she slipped off her perch after a bath - not sure if this is the cause or I only just noticed from a previous injury She appears to be standing on it fine, and is grooming it okay, but the toes dont change shape as...
  2. P

    Pictures GCC's beak

    Hello everyone, I have a Green Cheek Conure and my bird name is Mona from Mona Lisa. I looked Mona's beak looks weird so I want to know what should I do. Thank you for reading my post :heart:
  3. P

    Pictures Caique back feathers yellowing

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to this forum and wanted to inquire about some change in back color feathers on my 5-year old female caique that I'm concerned about. I have only recently noticed this in the past 2-3 weeks where her usual all emerald green back feathers have been turning yellow. Not...
  4. S

    I want to know about my myna health please help

    My myna looks healthy, hungry all the time and when he is hungry he will fly to everyone but most of the time his poop is yellow and he sleeps after every meal One day he vomited the small piece of apple he ate and look sick for one night and next day she was okay and now she does not look ill...
  5. A

    Unusual budgie poop

    Hiya, I have just brought a new Budgie, who I’ve named Brie, she’s a lovely bird, who likes playing and enjoys flying about. However I’ve noticed she gets tired very quickly and her poop is a little weird. I just wanted some opinions on what could be the problem. I don’t live locally to a avian...
  6. Moonrift

    Does his nostril look concerning?

    Hi everyone! Today I noticed my bird’s left nostril looking a little different. He’s been acting completely normal with no discharge around his nares or watery poops, so I was wondering if it looks like a cause for concern? The vet stresses him out a LOT but I’ll definitely be booking a...
  7. shinji_03

    Air freshener question

    I've had my green cheek conure for about a year and I haven't tried using air fresheners/fragrances in his room until now. I got a Febreze Light Lavender plugin with no heavy perfumes, but I read online that they still aren't safe around birds, despite them not having aerosol. I currently have...
  8. N

    Pictures Dark spots on feathers

    Hello, Ive had my green cheek conure for about 6 years now. He is usually well grooms him self, has a mild problem with biting his tail, but its gotten better over the last year. My concern is he developed a dark spot on his right wing and im worried that it might be like a fungus and it might...
  9. M

    Health help!

    Hello I hope I am posting this in the right section but I do need help with my two eclectus. I had just gotten these two over the weekend. I am including pictures. I would love some input… to me the female looks in bad shape. Male might be molting? Do they look very sick? Female isn’t as active...
  10. shajeeb

    Loki breathe heavy after a short flight!

    Hi i have two cockatiels Loki and Gutu. Loki is a 9 months old boy and Gutu is a 11 months old girl. Gutu is really active, she likes to fly around in the house and check up on us! Loki likes to sit around a lot. He doesn't fly much. He only flys when he gets scared. But what i have noticed he...
  11. Birdsbirbs

    Unsure if this is a normal beak appearance...

    Hey all, So Chewy paid a visit to the vet last month and all seemed well. I had them file his beak because there was a bit of a top layer that had developed on it. I know that flakey beaks are normal during moulting, however to vet said to keep an eye on it because overgrowth can be related to...
  12. L

    Urgent Budgie's cere peeling off?

    My budgie flew into the window repeatedly. His cere seems to be peeling off? A white layer had separated from it. He seems fine, like nothing out of the ordinary happened. What should I do? There are no avian vets in the area, so I'm hoping it's not that serious.
  13. BabyBirdMa

    African Grey Has Red Spot On Foot

    So, I’ve recently noticed that my African Grey: Ms. Bailey has developed red spots on the tops of her feet. They look to be sores. She sleeps in a cat-bed since she can’t fit in regular, parrot-huts and she has recently laid infertile eggs that she has been sitting on for a while now. I noticed...
  14. Q

    My Chicken is Deaf?

    A few months ago I got a flock of nine different chickens, all hand raised and I pay a lot of attention to all of them. One of my birds, a Mille Fleur d'Uccle Bantam Which I've named Also Mine, Amy, or Amelia). I've noticed some strange behaviour around her, and did some tests and I'm fairly...
  15. K

    Need advice on probiotics for my 5 month old cockatiel.

    Has anyone used Flora Bird probiotics by vital planet? It’s GMO Free, Vegan, and gluten-free. I’m thinking about starting my cockatiel on it. She had an upper respiratory infection about 4 weeks ago and the vet gave her 2 antibiotic injections over the course of 2 weeks. Also had me start her on...
  16. C

    My 1 month old budgie has lump on it's chest or crop.

    Since it was 1 week old it likes to eat a lot and never closes it's beak even when I'm done feeding it. Lately I've noticed that it has a lump on it's chest or crop. Is this good or bad? What should I do?
  17. S

    Is my baby Sun Conures poop healthy?

    Please let me know if my baby sun conures poop is ok! He is a very happy, healthy and noisy bird but im just not sure if his urine is bit discoloured - sometimes its clear and sometimes its slightly tinted yellow/brown He is eating Exact Hand feeding formula so perhaps its just his food...
  18. S

    I’ve had my bird for 4 years now and she never has laid eggs

    I got my cockatiel in 2017. I’ve had her 3 years, starting to turn into 4 years in a few months. I’m not too well informed about female cockatiel breeding knowledge since I’ve never experienced any of that kind of behaviour from my bird. I just thought that I didn’t need it. I noticed since the...
  19. S

    HELP - Yellow crust found on budgie's eyes

    Hello, Thank you so much for your time. I'm really worried about my baby. Yesterday I noticed yellow crust around the eye corners of my budgie for both eyes. He's around one year old, otherwise healthy and playful. I'm worried that this might be mites or a fungal infection which may lead to...
  20. jmorris124

    New Grey, bornavirus advice please!! (and thank u :)

    I bought a baby african grey (I know shopping is bad, but I looked everywhere for a rescue and couldn't find one) and I'm scheduled to take her home august 1st once she weans. I visit her almost every day, I've already taught her to eat chop, and have so many toys, a huge cage, play stand...