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  1. M

    Help with finding good food in Europe

    Hello, I'm in desperate need of help, I'm getting a cockatiel in few weeks (little Chihiro ) and I want to give her the best home possible, that includes the best food for her health. But i ran into a big problem, I have been over all pet stores in my country, and none have any pallets...
  2. budgiebeau

    New Food

    Hi everyone! I just got my Budgie a new type of food and she is not interested in it whatsoever. I know it can take a while to adjust them to new food, but I was wondering if there were any ways to make it more interesting to her so she will want to eat it. I tried offering it as a treat so it...
  3. D

    Harrison’s Pellets -

    After 3 days of hand feeding my parakeets some Harrison’s pellets (they’re completely new to pellets but the transition was surprisingly fast) I decided to try putting Harrison’s in the food bowl and take out all seed. My parakeets ate it fine but I saw Snowy afterwards throwing up (or maybe...
  4. SaffronConure

    Foods similar to Harrison's?

    My two cockatiels' favorite food is Harrison's extra fine, they love it and there's no wasted food. Unfortunately, it's a little difficult to get my hands on right now so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for foods with a similar texture? I've tried roudybush, they eat it but the...
  5. hrafn

    Crushing large pellets to feed to a cockatiel?

    Due to recent health problems, my veterinarian has recommended switching my cockatiel from Lafeber Nutri-pellets to the High Potency Harrison's pellets. Unfortunately, there is only one store in my entire province that sells Harrison's, and they're out of stock of all bag sizes of High Potency...
  6. Tempted2Touch

    Harrison's reviews

    What is everyone's opinion about Harrison's organic bird food? Which would you experienced macaw owners suggest? Quality and price opinions? Do you notice any visible changes in your macaws? Why do vets recommend it? What are the down sides, if any? What about Harrison's treats...