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green cheek conure

  1. G

    Didn't Quarantine New Green Cheek?

    I've got a new baby green cheek who I've known for a few months now. I got him from a very nice pet store where I got my first green cheek from about a year ago. The people at the pet store said I didn't need to quarantine my new green cheek because he's been diseased tested and so has my...
  2. Leafstem

    Broken Tailfeathers

    Hello! I got my first parrot November of 2015. He's a green cheek conure rescue. He's a pretty active bird, and in that activeness he's actually broken all of his tailfeathers just from climbing in small places, and getting startled and jumping and then when he lands, some of his tailfeathers...
  3. birdashes

    GCC personality trait?

    hey, I'm new here and I've got a question! So I've got a pineapple GCC named Gigi - she's about 4 years old and I got her a year and few months ago from a breeder who got her back from someone who couldn't take care of her and another pineapple GCC anymore. I love her a lot and I'm pretty...
  4. J

    Hello All ^_^

    Hello! My name is Jennifer, and I am the usually happy owner of two conures. I have a Sun Conure named Soda Pop and a Green Cheek Conure named Guillermo. Now for birdy introductions: Soda Pop: This lovely lady is about 22 if I recall correctly from the band on her ankle. She is very set in...
  5. Alyssa M.

    Older green cheek biting HELP!

    Hello, I'm not new to owning birds (have experience with budgies, lovebirds, and cockatiels) but I'm stumped. I recently had the opportunity to adopt an older cinnamon green cheek conure, not sure of the exact age but he's older than 5 I'm sure. The previous owner said he wasn't getting along...
  6. S


    Hello everyone I bought a green cheek conure 8 weeks ago he's still a baby as he was born earlier this year. I did clip his wings as soon as I got him home because the owners told me he was very tame but once I got him home I received an email saying that he was never tame. I've been attempting...
  7. H

    Eclectus vs GCC?

    Hi there! =3 I'm not too experienced, and I'm looking into some parrots as a friend. I'm really considering the Eclectus or a Green Cheek Conure. ^-^ Overall, what I'm looking for is an animal that appreciates my presence. I just want a feathered companion. I don't ask for much. It doesn't...