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green cheek conure

  1. YogiBird

    Strange Behavior

    every night rico and i go through a ritual for going to bed. he flies on top of his cage, we do a little bit of training (step up, come here, turn, etc) and then he gets tired and goes inside his cage. i say 'night night' and then cover him and we are good until morning. he gets 10-12 hours of...
  2. YogiBird

    Strange Behavior?

    Not sure if I am overthinking this, but my Rico boy kinda changed since I got him. I got him right before Christmas on Dec 17, and he got used to me, and used to hang around me. He used to fly to where I was and sit on my knees/chest/stomach. He's not a hand bird just yet (we are working on...
  3. YogiBird

    Food education

    I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same as me, but I use the BirdTricks Seasonal Feeding System for my GCC breakfast... and then for dinnertime is when I have a problem. I know the birds should always get fruit and veg (which he does everyday!) and his pellets (TOPS)... but for dinner I am...
  4. YogiBird


    My name is Nidra or Kris, and I have a little pineapple green cheek conure named Rico Suave. I am here to gain knowledge and improve on my bird mama-ing! i love coming to this forum and reading y'alls threads. :) pic for tax.
  5. navidsonrc

    the navidson record

    Hi hi hi!!!! Im Caro and i recently got my 6-month-old yellow-sided turquoise green cheek boy Navidson!!! we like to call him navi for short :cool4: any and all conure advice is welcome and i love love love seeing all your beautiful birds as well! :heart2: thank you - caro and navi <3 <3 <3
  6. Tammie123

    Questions + Mental Health topics

    Last night I read a post on here which gave me the confidence to come out and type all of this, so I'd like to preface my questions with a bit of an explanation. I've been struggling with severe anxiety for a few years now, but I haven't shared this with anyone other than my boyfriend. It...
  7. kris.renee

    Heartbreaking decision

    Located in Arkansas but willing to travel Moluccan Cockatoo / African Grey / two Green Cheek Conures Our parrots have been a part of our lives for 10 years, and they have brought us immense joy. We have a dedicated bird room and ensure they receive fresh chop and fruit daily. Their chop bowls...
  8. K

    Green cheek conure health

    Hi everyone! So I’m new here, I just recently got a GCC, and so I guess I kind of just wanted to see if kiwi (my gcc name) is looking good!! I am taking kiwi to the vet soon, but not until June sometime because it is so hard to find an avian vet near me!! Kiwi is 5 months old btw, I’ve just...
  9. Baileybea

    Momo beak peeling update - green cheek Conure flaky beak

    Hey! So I think I know what happened? Momo recently started waking up and chewing on her cage in the morning. She usually chirps for me to get her as soon as she wake up but started doing the chewing thing about a week or so ago. So I’m thinking maybe she went a bit to hard or something and it...
  10. Baileybea

    Green Cheek Conure - Beak Suddenly Peeling a Lot??? Wasn’t like this yesterday

    Hi again, I just noticed the bottom of Momo’s beak suddenly looks like it’s really flaky/peeling a lot. I think she might be molting right now so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it but the change seems so sudden and I’m really worried now? Does this look normal to you guys? 1st...
  11. S

    Don't force wean your baby conure (my experience)

    I'm sharing my experience with my Pineapple Conure and I hope this thread will help out all the newbies. Currently Coco (My Pineapple Conure) is around 8 weeks old and still on handfeeding. I got him when he was just 3-4 weeks old. So I faced a lot of problems in the past 4 weeks and I'm gonna...
  12. L

    How long does it take for clipped wings to grow back

    unfortunately, while I was away my brother clipped my parrots' wings because when they were flying they kept hitting the wall, he thought they might hurt themselves because his friend's alexandrine broke her leg like that, I got 2 month old green cheek conure and alexandrine
  13. J

    Hair Straightener

    Does anyone know if the Marquee Hair Straightener is safe? I don't straighten my hair, but my preteen little sister is spending the night with me and is insistent that she HAS to straigten her hair (preteen things lol). It's marketed as a ceramic hair straightener and I would make her use it in...
  14. J

    Bird safe plants?

    I have a 2 year old GCC named Kiwi, and I'm looking to become a plant mom. I currently have zero plants and no experience. I plan to do research and make sure all my plants are "pet friendly" (if anyone has any almost impssible to kill, pet friendly plant reccomendations, that would be helpful...
  15. A

    My green cheek is extremely jumpy and nervous suddenly

    With no known onset, my conure has suddenly become jumpy. He's slightly twitchy, and jumps at the slightest of things, he screeches non stop, in or out of his cage. Generally, when he screeches, it's because he wants out, so, I'll let him out, but even outside of his cage, he is still...
  16. devin711

    New Baby Conure Advice

    I adopted a green cheek conure 2 days ago, he’s 11 weeks old and hand raised/tamed. So far he’s comfortable with hands but definitely a little nervous in his new environment and cage. He already knows step up but tends to not listen well when inside his cage (I’ve been avoiding taking him out a...
  17. G

    Unprovoked Agression to Pre-Teens(GCC)

    I currently own two conures, a black capped conure, and a green cheeked conure. Genders unconfirmed. BCC assumed male, GCC assumed female. Some bird adoption context in the next paragraph, situation context in the following. My partner and I purchased our first conure (BCC), George, in July...
  18. Feathergirl626

    Urgent Overnight stress plucking

    Hey everyone. Sprout (my 1 year cinnamon green-cheek conure) was fine last night but when I got him this morning, I found this. We've had a mouse issue lately (working on it), and we've been finding droppings in Sprout's food. We've tried moving his food bowl to different areas in his cage...
  19. C

    Turquoise GCC Plucking and Over-itching nose

    I have a Turquoise Green Cheek Conure, and she has not been doing well lately. First, winter in NJ is pretty horrendous for birds overall. Low humidity, cold, etc. We're limited in how much heat we can turn up, but overall, their aviary temperature is 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity...
  20. YoshiSqee

    Pictures Baby Bird

    Hi! I’m new to avian avenue. Often I will have a question that is specific about my green cheek conure and it usually leads me to this parrot forum. I’ve had a lot of people assert that keeping a bird in a cage is a sin, something that is a ubiquitous belief in the Indian community. When I am...