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green cheek conure

  1. J

    Hair Straightener

    Does anyone know if the Marquee Hair Straightener is safe? I don't straighten my hair, but my preteen little sister is spending the night with me and is insistent that she HAS to straigten her hair (preteen things lol). It's marketed as a ceramic hair straightener and I would make her use it in...
  2. J

    Bird safe plants?

    I have a 2 year old GCC named Kiwi, and I'm looking to become a plant mom. I currently have zero plants and no experience. I plan to do research and make sure all my plants are "pet friendly" (if anyone has any almost impssible to kill, pet friendly plant reccomendations, that would be helpful...
  3. A

    My green cheek is extremely jumpy and nervous suddenly

    With no known onset, my conure has suddenly become jumpy. He's slightly twitchy, and jumps at the slightest of things, he screeches non stop, in or out of his cage. Generally, when he screeches, it's because he wants out, so, I'll let him out, but even outside of his cage, he is still...
  4. devin711

    New Baby Conure Advice

    I adopted a green cheek conure 2 days ago, he’s 11 weeks old and hand raised/tamed. So far he’s comfortable with hands but definitely a little nervous in his new environment and cage. He already knows step up but tends to not listen well when inside his cage (I’ve been avoiding taking him out a...
  5. G

    Unprovoked Agression to Pre-Teens(GCC)

    I currently own two conures, a black capped conure, and a green cheeked conure. Genders unconfirmed. BCC assumed male, GCC assumed female. Some bird adoption context in the next paragraph, situation context in the following. My partner and I purchased our first conure (BCC), George, in July...
  6. Feathergirl626

    Urgent Overnight stress plucking

    Hey everyone. Sprout (my 1 year cinnamon green-cheek conure) was fine last night but when I got him this morning, I found this. We've had a mouse issue lately (working on it), and we've been finding droppings in Sprout's food. We've tried moving his food bowl to different areas in his cage...
  7. C

    Turquoise GCC Plucking and Over-itching nose

    I have a Turquoise Green Cheek Conure, and she has not been doing well lately. First, winter in NJ is pretty horrendous for birds overall. Low humidity, cold, etc. We're limited in how much heat we can turn up, but overall, their aviary temperature is 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity...
  8. YoshiSqee

    Pictures Baby Bird

    Hi! I’m new to avian avenue. Often I will have a question that is specific about my green cheek conure and it usually leads me to this parrot forum. I’ve had a lot of people assert that keeping a bird in a cage is a sin, something that is a ubiquitous belief in the Indian community. When I am...
  9. Kackington

    Moving to Los Angeles for real this time!

    Hey all! I made a post about moving to Los Angeles a few months ago, but I wasn't sure when I'd go and I didn't have specific details. Now I do and I wanted to drop by and ask a few more questions! Anyway, I'm moving to Burbank! If you live anywhere in Southern California or Cali in general...
  10. J

    my bird likes the taste of human flesh.

    I'm just kidding. Maybe. I got my second GCC, Goose, a few months ago and since the second or third day of having him he's had a terrible habit of chewing on me. It's not really biting because it's not a quick or aggressive, he just likes trying to chew my skin off. Sometimes it'll be just a...
  11. F

    Second baby conure attacking first

    Hello everyone! I need some advise because I recently got a new baby gcc (now 3months) called mochi. I have an existing gcc (1year) called fluffy. I am finding ways to introduce them properly so they are friends but face some difficulty. First, I live in a one bedroom apartment. Fluffy has the...
  12. C

    Green cheek seems too bored without me

    I've had my green cheek for six years and I think he's too dependent on me for entertainment. Whenever I'm gone, he seems to throw around his toys just for a bit before napping until I take him out of his cage again. I've seen him play for much longer with his toys, but it's only when I am...
  13. Kackington

    Moving to Los Angeles

    Hey there!! The last time I made a post on this forum I was moving for the first time, and here I am, planning on moving again. :laugh: Anyway, hi everyone! I was hoping to get some advice from those living with parrots in California, specifically Los Angeles. (Feel free to talk about your...
  14. peachypjm

    Mercury’s Bday !!

    today is mercury’s (estimated) birthday !!! he is 6 years old :)
  15. J

    black poop!!!!

    This morning my conure pooped on me and it looked fine, a little watery if anything, but fine. Later in the day, I went to clean one of her lower perches off bc they always get pooped on, and I noticed that there was black or very dark poop on it. Some of it was new some was crusty. Should I be...
  16. gabikorlin

    Can I find out the age of my GCC from his leg band?

    One of my GCC’s was given to me by my little sister when she moved. She got him from Petsmart. He was fairly young when she got him. I am trying to figure out his hatch date, and he has a leg band but i’m not sure if there is anyway I can figure out his age with the information on it. It says...
  17. BlueBird67

    A Guide to Parakeet and Lovebird Hormonal Problems

    - By an experienced conure and lovebird dad. PARAKEET (Includes conures, and more) So, It's been a year since you've adopted a 7 week old conure, and now he suddenly starts biting your family, puffing up, and doing his stuff on you. What caused this and what should you do about it now? First...
  18. J

    crop adjustment? regurgitation? illness???

    my gcc (not sure of sex) was doing something weird today. she was furiously bobbing her head up and down with her mouth open and after awhile she spit out what i believe to be pieces of an almond she had eaten earlier. at first i thought this was probably her adjusting her crop of trying to get...
  19. J

    EMERGENCY!!! pest control

    I live in an apartment complex. I haven't lived here very long and when getting my conure, I was unaware that the apartment did routine pest control sprays every three months. People are trying to tell me it won't be that big of a deal because they spray just around the kitchen and bathrooms...
  20. Nikorice

    Cooking with my Green Cheek Conure

    Good evening everyone, I'm taking a lot of time to reflect on what I could have done wrong with Peaches (Rip Lovie) I've been cooking with Blue Diamond cookware and I was wondering if this is safe. It's ceramic and nonstick but claims there are no toxins used. I would LOVE some links to...