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getting new bird

  1. FeatheredM

    Getting Conure! Some advice?

    I'm getting a conure soon, have to budgies and decided to make a bigger flock. For poeple who gave experience with conures, can you please tell me some advice like what you would had changed, what you discovered your bird liked ect. Really anything that will help.
  2. S

    My Budgie Hates Being Held

    I've had my budgie, Haven, (female) for almost a year now. She used to be very social and let people hold her all the time. After about a month, she started pecking my finger when I held her. I looked it up and trained her out of it. Now she hates being held, and has for months. I have been...
  3. conureluv

    Your bird wants you to read this (how to care for a bird)

    I’m wondering if someone has put a flyer/pamphlet similar to this one in a pet shop? What are your experiences? If you’re here from the title, this is a pamphlet I’ve constructed and I want to put it out to the world.
  4. Birdies!

    Considering Getting a Parrot -- Need Some Advice

    Hey Avian Avenue, I hope y'all are having a good day :) Sorry if the tags/thread/formatting is wrong, I just found out about this site. A pet care group took down a backyard breeder in my area a few months ago and shelters are still overflowed with parrots. It sparked an interest in me and I...
  5. niamhk

    is my sun conure missing a friend?

    Isla is my sun conure. She’s about 4 months old now. For about a month she had a green cheek conure friend who she loved. you’ll see in the photos. They loved each other! i’ve heard green cheeks and suns don’t mind each other but don’t normally love each other the way these two did...
  6. niamhk

    should i get my conure a friend?

    I have a green cheek conure called Emi! she’s lovely! she’s super playful and friendly. the only thing is is she’s very attached to me, which is fine i don’t mind most the time! at night times when i put her to bed she still is desperate to come out and play. even at 8:30pm after a day of...
  7. niamhk

    linnies and other birds

    So i’m thinking now of getting a Linnie! I’ve always wanted one but choose a quaker over them in the end. I currently have 2 cockatiels, 1 indian ringneck and a green cheek conure. Would they be alright together? They wouldn’t live in the same cages of course. But can they live with cockatiels...
  8. kifird

    Getting a new budgie tomorrow?

    So yeah, for this week or so I couldn't really focus in school thinking that my Nua was lonely, and I'm getting her a pal. But I might not. Here are some reasons why I might not get a pal for her. I really cannot afford if they were to live in two different cages or if they dislike each other...
  9. gabe_

    New Bird

    Hi there, I am currently in high school (Junior) and I go to school leaving home from 6:30 AM and get back around 2:30 PM. I have three little budgies that I've had for about three months and I make sure to replace their paper, food, and water before I leave. For Christmas, I was planning to get...