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My Budgie Hates Being Held


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I've had my budgie, Haven, (female) for almost a year now. She used to be very social and let people hold her all the time. After about a month, she started pecking my finger when I held her. I looked it up and trained her out of it. Now she hates being held, and has for months. I have been trying to train her out of it, but she hides when I reach into her cage, and avoids my hand, and anyone else's, at all cost.
I keep her in my bedroom, which I spend a fair amount of time in, being homeschooled. Most of the time I am reading or painting, (I a minor). She just hangs out in her cage, playing with her toys. Bells are her favorite. Anyway, I am a little worried about her lack of being social. Sometimes she chirps and flaps her wings, and I worry she is lonely.
There are two things I am thinking of. One is I could move her into a different room where she would get more human interaction. My dog used to be able to get downstairs, which is why she is in my bedroom in the first place. Now my dog can't, because we put up an electric fence. So I can move her to any room in our large, finished basement that we spend a lot of time in.
My second idea is to get another parakeet. I've read that it would have to be a boy, because females fight amongst themselves apparently. So, if I can't train her out of her skittishness, would it be better to get another bird so at least she isn't lonely? Or should I just keep trying to train her to like human interaction more? I also had the idea to get another cage to keep the second parakeet in, and they could stay in separate rooms until I had trained the second parakeet to be social, then put them together? Would the second parakeet rub off on Haven and make her more outgoing?
Sorry this is so longwinded. I would love some advice! And hopefully not too expensive ones. XD My limit is probably less than $100, being an average teenager. Thanks in advance!
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When you say you hold her is it with your fingers wrapped around her or with her perching on your finger? Most birds hate to be grabbed and forced to be held and will struggle and bite. If you work slowly and patiently to get her to hope onto your finger, she should not bite as it will be her choice whether to spend time with you. If you are grabbing her with your fingers wrapped around her, then she has lost trust in you.

I have three male budgies. Two have learned to come to me when I ask, the other one is new to me, and we are working on it!