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  1. C

    Exotic Fruits?

    Hey y'all! My Red-Bellied has been very into the Avian Organics freeze-dried fruits and veggies. Now that I know she likes them, I was looking into other options for buying since AO is a bit far from me. I found a pack of exotic freeze dried fruits on Amazon that have no added sugars/additives...
  2. Hoshi

    Safety of exotic fruits? (star apple, June plum, maripa)

    Hi everyone, I just had some family fly in from Suriname and they brought along a bunch of interesting and exotic fruits. I'd love to share them with my bird, but I haven't been able to find if some of these fruits were safe for him to eat. I was wondering if anyone here knew if they are safe...
  3. Haydenb

    Grapes safe for birds?

    Hi, I keep hearing a lot of conflicting info on wether grapes are safe for birds. Is it completely safe, safe if the seeds and/or skin is removed or completely unsafe? I have a green cheek conure in case breed is a determining factor
  4. H

    How much should I feed my canary

    I've had several different reccomending tips on how much to feed my guy. I currently just keep his bowl of food in cage all the time, and put fresh veggies out every day. Haven't had any luck getting him to eat any fruit. I put a quarter of a boiled egg in his bowl once a week. Is this...
  5. Joe Henderson

    Ultrasonic ozone veggie cleaner

    Is it safe ? Does anyone use something. Line the for birds veggies?
  6. barbs0nly

    dragon fruit making the messiest of messes

    i gave wem a piece of dragon fruit purée frozen because she loves frozen foods, (i think it’s the crunch element i have no idea) i go back in her room an hour later and am horrified because i thought she cut her face. i was crying running up to the cage and was greeted by this (don’t mind her...
  7. Komsur

    Budgies need to Eat their Fruit and Veggies! How can I make mine love them?

    Hi, I've had my birds for over a year now, but they rarely touched the fruit/veg I put down for them daily. They will, sometimes, clear the fruit bowl (which is separate to the regular seed bowl), but that's rare. Most of the time they'll eat one or two pieces and that's that. They don't...
  8. bird_mama

    How to bake sweet potato?

    How do you all bake sweet potato for your birds? Do I have to use oil? Can I put them in the fridge to save them and use as needed? (bonus question lol) what veggies are best for birds? What fruits? Thank you!!!!
  9. CheckeredTail

    Dried Fruit, What's your bird's fave?

    I'm looking to add 1 or maybe 2 freeze dried fruits to my pionus' sprouted seed mix, just to give it a little treat mixed in. I wanted to see if I could find dried acai berries but they only seem to sell them powdered. She's picky and I've bought a lot of fruit and veggies that get snubbed! She...
  10. Lupen

    Mmmm Chop

    Broccoli Kale Spinach Blueberries Corn Apple Snap peas Green beans Peas Carrots Sweet Potato Oregano flakes Parsley flakes Jalapenos And a bit of cinnamon Can never finish a batch before Zephyr tries to dive in head first. :lol:Least this will last me quite awhile. You uhhh.. got...
  11. Hoshi

    Is sucralose okay in small amounts?

    I buy "no sugar added" canned fruit and my indian ringneck is obsessed with the canned mandarins. I only give him maybe 2 at most per week. The oranges are drained completely before I offer him the one on top of the can before I eat the rest, so he doesn't come in contact with my saliva. The...
  12. Cockatango

    How do you get your tiels to eat their greens?

    Tango is a bit of a picky eater, and becoming a bit of a seed junkie. She used to take broccoli and lettuce, but now she doesn't really take any wet food. I've tried her with grape, apples, carrots, corn, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries - she'll shake her head like it's wet and back away...
  13. Cockatango

    What foods do your cockatiels love? (fruit/veg?)

    I'm wary Tango is becoming a bit of a seed junkie. She can be quite picky and is reluctant to eat wet food. She'll nibble on the stems left on grape vines, and will sometimes take broccoli and lettuce. What do your tiels like?
  14. Rainchaser

    Getting Scarlet Macaw to Eat Fresh Produce

    Hi all, I apologize if this topic or something similar has already been discussed, but I'm having some issues with getting my big mac to eat fruits and veggies. He's a 17 year-old re-home that I've had for a couple of weeks. He's eating pellets and nuts fine, and shows interest when I present...
  15. Parakeet88

    5 little birdies loving their chop

    My favorite thing is watching them devour their chop every morning. Some mornings I spend a lot of time adding fresh fruit/ veggies but it's worth it to watch them run over all excited. I forgot to take the chop out of the freezer last night so I had plenty of time to prep a lot of fresh stuff...
  16. Parakeet88

    Where do you buy dried fruit/ veg and treats?

    It's a long story, you don't have to read the whole thing, the main question is at the bottom, thanks! So I started buying golden gourmet treats from my safe bird store. My conure loved the dried green beans and all of my birds love the granola from them. Lately I have been finding bugs I the...
  17. Natalia

    How do you disinfect your bird's veggies?

    Without using any harsh chemicals of course. Also, do you disinfect fruits like strawberries, etc?
  18. TehLizardKing

    Wasps in the Aviaries

    Hey guys! It's the end of summer, and my fids are loving the oddly warm weather... But they're also being plagued by wasps! There's clusters of them all over the fruit, they come from miles around as soon as I put the fresh food on the birdie tables in the morning. Idk why, because there's...