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first time bird owner

  1. aidan16

    Seeking Tips and Advice for First Time Bird Owner!

    Hello! First, apologies, because this will be quite a lot to read! :shy:My name is Aidan, and I was looking into getting potential advice and input from experienced bird owners! I've wanted a pet bird my entire life, and I am finally in a financial and realistic place to do so! I am getting...
  2. sydney98

    Unhinged budgie who won't play with toys.

    Hello, here's my first post to the forum after using it for advice for the last month and a half. FYI, I use she/her and he/him for my budgie interchangeably. My budgie named Gina/Gino (not sure the gender) has just turned into a little menace over night. She/he hates when I leave the room and...
  3. A

    Pictures Rescued pair of canary’s - misc questions

    Hi all, I am very new to this world so thank you for any help and patience as I learn up as much as I can. My grandfather had 2 canary’s for about a year but can no longer take care of them so I took them in. I’m hoping I can post what I’ve done and get opinions/suggestions on how to make them...
  4. sheeps

    im a new bird owner xc

    i have this conure that flew into my house and ive been taking care of it for about five months now. i wanted to know if anyone had any tips or tricks on taking care of this kind of bird
  5. K

    Moving Eggs to other Nest

    Hello Everyone, While I have been reading this forum for various articles and answers for last 6 months, it's my first post here, as I am really confused on what to do. I bought 3 budgies from the same pet shop in May 2020. The pet shop owner mentioned that all 3 are females and are of around...
  6. ZY28

    Need help with Pionuses?

    Hi! I have been researching what would be a good bird for first time owner that lives in apartment. The pionus parrot seems to come up quite often. Then I went on Google and there are so many different Pionuses!!! I wonder which type of pionus would be a great match for a first time owner that...
  7. P

    Advice before going to the hospital for the first time

    Hello!:pinklol3: I will go to the hospital for the first time after getting my bird, and he does not have bad symptoms, so I'm not sure what to do. At first, it was called a regular checkup, but if you take it for the first time, please advise if you need to do other tests, such as blood tests...
  8. n’s tiel

    Help! Sudden change in behaviour

    So I have had my cockatiel for about 8 months now so he’ll be about 10-12 months old I believe. So far we have had no problems; he likes sitting on my hand and eating some Millet and loves when I scratch his head. He isn’t too affectionate but likes a bit of fuss. He usually wakes me up in the...
  9. A

    Video New Bird Owner

    Hello! Our family is new to the world of owning a bird as a new family member. We brought him our blue Quacker today. Any tips or advice for a smooth trAnsition would be so appreciated!
  10. SgtNikola

    Pictures Happy fluff?

    I got Niko last Saturday, and hes really sweet when I hold him. But, it has to be his idea to get on me. At the store, he was pretty good at step up, but at home he tends to sit fluffed up on his cage and coo at me. (Not sure if coo is the right word, but this is my first bird) However, if I try...
  11. SgtNikola

    Niko, my first bird

    Hi! I just brought home my first bird last Saturday. He is a 4 year old yellow sided green cheek conure, Nikola Tesla. I picked him out 2 weeks ago, shortly after he was dropped off at the bird shop. The people who had him before needed to rehome him, and he warmed up to me pretty quickly...
  12. Duel

    Getting my bird over his fear of hands

    I have a 4 month old fischer lovebird and he's my first bird. I got him with his wings clipped and he was handfed by the breeder I got him from. So far I've bonded with him in every way possible and he's not afraid of me but rather my hands. If I put him down on the floor and walk around the...
  13. T

    New to forum, looking for some advise

    Hello, so I just recently (about 6 days ago) got my first bird which is a cockatiel, I’ve wanted one for so Long and now finally I got him as a early birthday present. I wanna make sure he is happy and stress free but I don’t have hands on experience with birds. Any tips on what to do and what...
  14. M

    Getting to birds at once - how to socialize with them?

    Hi guys! As I always say: I'm new here! I'm in the process of getting a bird! (currently I've been researching non stop about what species would better suit me and my lifestyle). - I've never owned a bird before, but I've been around some of them... - I live alone in a two bedroom apartment...
  15. BigSkyMT


    I need all you parrot experts to help me. I just found this site & signed up hoping for help and to learn. I have been researching parrots for many many months, when I say research I mean reading hours a day, I've watched almost every single youtube video about training & taming. My husband &...
  16. AbnormalAvian

    New Bird Parent, Any Tips?

    Hello, I'm getting a lovebird very soon, and I'm I'm trying to round up the last of my bird supplies. I have quite a few questions, and if anyone could answer any of these, that would be awesome. 1. I'm trying to figure out what to feed my lovebird. I've heard Harrison's is the best, and it's a...