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female cockatiel

  1. Moryu

    My cockatiel doesn't stop screaming

    Hello guys I have two female cockatiels, sisters, they are about 14 months old and we got them from a shop when they were 3 months, so it's almost a year. Throughout this year we let them roam around the house most of the daytime and I tried to train them as much as I could, so they learnt to...
  2. R

    Female cockatiel constantly squawking

    Hello, I hope someone can shed a bit of light on my female cockatiel's behaviour. I got her when she was around 9 months old, and she's around 3 years old now. Over the last couple of days she has been squawking constantly. I'm used to her squawking when she wants more food (she's on harrisons...
  3. N

    Constant flock calling/peeping

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and recently became a new bird owner. We got our 2 cockatiels around 3 weeks ago, one is a female and the other one we are not completely sure about the sex, but we refer to him as a male. They are both about 1 year old. We bought them from a different owner who...
  4. C

    Injured Cockatiel?

    Hello everyone! I just got a Cockatiel yesterday and noticed something that looks like a scab under her left wing. Would appreciate anyone’s help on this!! Thank you in advance!
  5. mariyatiel

    9-month old gender?

    I have been wondering if my beautiful cockatiel named Marshal is actually a girl? I thought ‘he’ was a boy since he is very vocal in the daytime and always does the contact calls. He is very energetic in daytime and plays and rips up everything! In the evening he is VERY calm. BUT he is...
  6. M

    Female cockatiel being territorial

    Hi all, I have two cockatiel one is female for sure (as she does female call) and other one male may be because he sings and do heart wings. I have female cockatiel from 3 months and she had her first molt a week ago. She was kind a bonded with me but at some point I need to go out of house and...
  7. K

    Taming 5 year old cockatiel

    Hello! i rescued a 5 year old female cockatiel named willie, shes pretty much been left in a cage her whole life. She’s absolutely petrified of people and hands, if I come to the cage she will move to the far side. She will eat millet from my hand if I approach her slowly. I don’t know what...
  8. Jadena

    Cockatiel gender help

    I have this lovely cockatiel here, Kiki, estimated to be around two years old, I bought her and her friend Loki (confirmed male) around 4 months ago from a guy who only had them for less than a month . Their past before this owner is totally unknown. They were kept in a single cage with only one...
  9. SleepyTiel

    New Cockatiels First Day Home - What to expect?

    Hello all! Today is my first day with Delilah, a two year old rescue cockatiel! The people I spoke to at her rescue organization told me they expect she was hand-tamed at some point but has since lived with other 'tiels and is flighty around people. We brought her home last night at 6pm and let...
  10. WallyCockatiel

    HELP!!! Boy or Girl?

    Help!!! I got my cockatiel (Wally) about 7 months ago, (clipped by breeder,) he is now 9 months old and just started his first molt. He looks very much like a female (pictures below) but the breeder told me he was male. I just found out today that he might be a female because I never really...
  11. Pixiie10

    Urgent Emergency!!!

    Hi everyone, I have a female cockatiel she’s maybe 15 months old she had her first clutch of eggs in the beginning of this year and now she’s laying her second now she have 4 eggs so far. I noticed a small bump under her belly towards her butt and I did even feel it. It felt soft and liquidy as...
  12. L

    My cockatiel keeps trying to lay eggs?

    Hello everyone! My cockatiel's name is Snow and she's about 4 years old. In December she laid eggs for the first time and then again last month, which I know is normal. However, since laying her last egg about 2 1/2 weeks ago, she's doing the mating stance/chirping again. I'm wondering if this...
  13. M

    should i get pair of cockatiel with layed eggs home

    I went the other day to pet shop/breeder and he was trying to sell pair cockatiel male and female 18 months old with layed eggs that are a week old, should I get them am scared the pairs would panic and get aggressive cus of the new environment leading to unborn cockatiels I want to breed...