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english budgie

  1. Sammy27


    Hello all! I’m glad to be here. I’m the proud mom of 6 feathered friends—-Cumulo (English Budgie), Sirius (green cheeked conure), Orion (Quaker parrot), Phantom (nanday conure), Luna (half moon conure), and Duke (dusky conure). Birds are the BEST.
  2. C

    Is my budgie dying or just sick? (Sad update #3)

    My budgie is somewhere in between 5 to 6 years old. I am currently away from home on a trip and will drive back today. My dad sent me a message saying our oldest budgie, Felice, is sick. He showed us on video that she was sitting at the bottom of the cage panting. Apparently she's been in that...
  3. 0

    8 wks old, until he can fly

    Snow Bean using his ice cream stick ladder like a pro. Got the materials at the dollar store and made him this until he can fly. He's 8 weeks old and his flight feathers are finally coming in! So proud perched on the highest perch! Video link below...
  4. H

    Where to find hand fed English Budgies in or near South Dakota?

    I’m looking for a young male to keep as a loved pet. I’m willing to drive out of state, but not too far. Thanks!
  5. Paladin

    Adopted budgies. English or Australian????

    I have my original two, Lady(green) and Blue(obviously blue) that we got from a pet store. We had originally hoped to adopt so my name was on a wait list at out local rescue but they don't get many birds. After buying our bird our shelter contacts me asking if I wanted two birds... so now we...
  6. S

    Pictures not better! Afraid Enlarged Organs Liver proventriculus don't know what to do!!!

    I am new to this forum. I have already been to a VET multiple times. I am struggling with how much $ I have already spent and my bird is still not better. Looking for opinions/advice and personal experiences. I will attach xray images. I don't know what or if I should do any further...
  7. carfish

    my new english budgie randomly flies around for no apparent reason when sitting on her playground

    i got a new english budgie 2 days ago she already steps up onto my hand and loves head scratches I have another bird named charlie also a female she is 6 months old, when my new budgie is sitting with charlie max randomly starts to fly in the room squawking,I also noticed that charlie tries to...
  8. ParrotNuts

    English Budgie "Puff"

    I was wondering why all English budgies have that puff like feather-do? Is it something concerning genetics because Australian budgies do not have it?
  9. Lovebird27

    What do you think about this couple?

    I am about to purchase this couple, however, I don’t know much about English budgies since I only own lovebirds. Are they English budgies? I know its a silly question.
  10. Hobocat

    English Budgie Nesting Box Size

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the group. We became owners of a pair of English budgies less than a week ago. To our knowledge they are approximately a year old. We set them up in a big cage, etc., but they seem to be feeling the amour of spring. LOL. They have a "no mess" feeder which is about...
  11. B

    Urgent Hi All

    Hi All, I have had 2 budgies (one American and one English) who went away the same way this year - seizures and then stretching out their legs while taking their last breath. The first was bought from a pet store - he was housed together with a lovebird and another budgie. His colours were...
  12. G

    Urgent French Moult- Sad Update Post #8

    I'm hand raising two Budgies and I'm fairly positive one has French Moult. They're about 5 weeks old now. From what I understand, it is caused by a virus. So far I've just been trying to keep my baby warm and well hydrated. I've also alerted the breeder so he can take precautions needed on his...
  13. G

    Petting a baby budgie

    I have two baby English Budgies I am hand raising. They're both about a month old. The one I think is female is not a fan of being petted and the one I believe is male just loves being scratched around the head. He will lift all his little feathers, happily. If he loves to be petted now, will he...
  14. G

    Help choosing

    I am currently hand raising three cockatiels and two English Budgies. I am contemplating keeping one of the birds. I know that typically female cockatiels are more quiet and cuddly than males and that is exactly what I'm looking for. I haven't had any of the birds DNA sexed, but through other...