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I am currently hand raising three cockatiels and two English Budgies. I am contemplating keeping one of the birds. I know that typically female cockatiels are more quiet and cuddly than males and that is exactly what I'm looking for. I haven't had any of the birds DNA sexed, but through other ways of estimated sexing (wing spot sexing, pelvic bone, body type...etc) it seems I have one female and two males. I realize this is not always accurate. The supposed female was once my quiet baby, but as they've aged (they're about 4weeks old now) the bird that is always calm and quiet is one of my possible males. If I were to choose based on personality, I'd pick him because he's the sweetest, but I don't want his personality to change with age. Is it a better choice to choose a female based on the generalizations or pick by the individual bird? Or is it too young to decide personality for the long run?

Also one of my English Budgies seems to be getting very cuddly. I believe he is male. I have read again and again that Budgies just are not as affectionate as cockatiels. Will his personality change too? How and when should I decide?

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I think you should pick the bird that is the most interested in you. Birds often pick their people if you let them. Although there are generalities about gender, each bird is different so it's hard to predict. And a baby's personality will change as it matures. I had a male tiel. He was quiet and a snuggle bug. All he wanted was to be with me. So you just never know........... :)

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I have 6 birds and everyone is different. I have a boy that won't leave my side and a boy that doesn't care if I'm around or not. A girl that doesn't mind if I pick her up and turn her upside down and tickle her head and a girl that would rather I don't pick her up and won't stay on my hand without food bribes. You have been given the best advice which is let the bird choose you and the bird most comfortable with you will be the best. I have had budgies before I would choose a tiel any day. If you can't choose between them I think boys are more fun and come without the egg issue.