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  1. LiefDuivel

    Urgent Night fright - consussion worries

    Genji had his first night fright in months about an hour ago. It didn't last long since I was sitting just a few feet away, and got to him In less than 10 seconds, but I'm worried he may have hit his head, since I found him in the upper corner on a perch when I lifted the blanket. For the...
  2. outmaww

    URGENT: bloody cere after running into a window

    Geebs, my cockatiel, is clipped and slowly growing her wings back in, but we didn't expect her to be so good at flying so quickly. Today, something dropped and she was so startled that she flew around the room and straight into our glass door. She fell about four feet. She climbed up to my...
  3. A

    Urgent Concussion Question

    Hi Everyone. I recently rehomed a green cheek conure. (10 weeks ago) She is about 18 months and gets spooked easily as she was a neglected bird in the previous household. She hit my window very hard two days ago after getting spooked by the sound of me dropping a spoon. She was laying on her...
  4. L

    Urgent Help! Budgie flew into ceiling fan-permanent damage?

    Help! I have 2 six month budgies. They are my everything. They love to fly and have tons of freedom. I unfortunately forgot that the cage was open and was working on my computer when one of them got out and flew directly into the ceiling fan while it was on high speed. She immediately fell to...
  5. shubh298

    Parrotlet had a hard fall (New to this forum)

    Hey guy, I’m new to this forum and I found it while trying to find answers because I’ve been a little scared for my little parrotlet. I have two, but one of them had a rough fall while flying around two days ago. From what it seems, she had a concussion after the fall. No coordination, eyes...
  6. Asula

    Cockatiel flew into window

    My cockatiel just flew into a window. He made his scream noise he does when hes scared. It was the worst scream he's done. I put him in the cage and he started closing his eyes so we covered him up with the towels. Is there anything we can do? We're not sure if he has a concussion or not.
  7. Whoviana

    Urgent Conure flew into a window

    Our 3 month old GCC, Sunflower, was startled by a loud sneeze and flew across the room into a sliding glass door. There was a loud thunk and then she u-turned and landed on the ground on the other side of the couch. She ended up about as far from the glass door as she started. We immediately...