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  1. LiefDuivel

    Urgent Night fright - consussion worries

    Genji had his first night fright in months about an hour ago. It didn't last long since I was sitting just a few feet away, and got to him In less than 10 seconds, but I'm worried he may have hit his head, since I found him in the upper corner on a perch when I lifted the blanket. For the...
  2. Tenleigh

    Blood on head

    My cockatiel has blood on his head. It’s hard to see in the photo but you can see it. He’s only 5 months and i don’t think he can have Pin feather or blood feathers?? He seems fine, he’s talking, climbing, eating and drinking. I just noticed this a hour ago. Should i be worried? Again you cant...
  3. C

    Is this normal?

    My conure has this weird feather and he’s acting like he’s sore. I can’t tell what it is? Should I take him to a vet?
  4. E

    Baby Lovebird suddenly limping. No avian vet in town or anywhere near.

    Hello! This morning I let my 2 month old lovebird out of the cage to fly around - once she went back on her cage I noticed how she was standing on one leg and the other holding in in the air as you see in the picture attached. She had previously did this before but it only lasted about a minute...
  5. bird_mama

    Pictures Really bad molt?

    How to I get rid of them? Is it her diet? She REFUSES to let me near them, so helping her isn’t an option. :bignono:I just don’t want her to possibly be uncomfortable...
  6. rosalita

    Concerned (please answer ASAP)

    I’m not really sure where to post this, so imma post it here My sun conure sam (about 15 years old, don’t know the exact age because we rescued her) has been acting a little weird tonight. Her cage has a little opening on the top so she’s free to get out whenever she wants. She flew out of it...
  7. sav

    Hahn’s macaw baby

    Hi all. I just got my first Hahn’s macaw today and I’m concerned about its behavior. It is 7 weeks old and was handreared but i have to feed it 3 times a day on formula. The baby is very quiet and barely makes any noise and does not scurry away when I come near it. The baby does not appear...
  8. B

    My green cheek is scared

    so my green cheek conure 1 year just turned one so ive been noticing when i put new toys or show him something new hes terrified of it his toys take him like a day to get use to 3 days ago i showed him a duck tape roll and hes still scared of it but he loves me not scared at all comes up to me...