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cockatiel gender

  1. S

    Please help me determine my bird’s gender w.r.t its behaviour

    My bird -‘Tweety’ raises its tail and bows its head as if it wants to mate. Is it a possibile sign of a female? Doesn’t whistle in a tune and doesn’t sing either, I’m hesitating in getting a Dna test done as plucking feathers might cause it a pain, which I feel isn’t worth. Can anyone please...
  2. mariyatiel

    9-month old gender?

    I have been wondering if my beautiful cockatiel named Marshal is actually a girl? I thought ‘he’ was a boy since he is very vocal in the daytime and always does the contact calls. He is very energetic in daytime and plays and rips up everything! In the evening he is VERY calm. BUT he is...
  3. Cinnamon86

    New flock member. Male or female?

    Hello! We would like to add a new parrot to our family, so I was shopping for something else BUT they had this poor baby all alone and broke my heart :( I dont feel that is is right to keep parrots alone without toys and in such small cages :( Id like to know if it is a male or a female before...
  4. Jadena

    Cockatiel gender help

    I have this lovely cockatiel here, Kiki, estimated to be around two years old, I bought her and her friend Loki (confirmed male) around 4 months ago from a guy who only had them for less than a month . Their past before this owner is totally unknown. They were kept in a single cage with only one...
  5. N

    Pictures Help with cockatiel gender

    , i have this beautiful bird for some time now. He is sky as he or she have beautiful blend of colors and behind him there is smoky with greay and white color. Sky is whistling alot and sitting inside box as soon as i installed box for them. I dont dont know their genders. Could some one help me
  6. scremme

    He or She?? (~_~;)

    Guys I have been stumped. Long story made long: I got my first cockatiel from a bird shop. They said he had been blood tested and that he was a boy. Yayy, so cute! We took him home and named him Jester. A little while later we decided to get him a friend. Having a good experience with the first...
  7. Selma

    What's my cockatiels gender?

    I don't know my cockatiels gender, I know the yellow head is male but the gray with the white head is a mix? She/he has pattered feathers and is about two years old, no more feathers are falling out but they have some patterned feathers on its stomach, also she/he likes to sing ALOT like every...
  8. O

    IMPORTANT THREAD for sexing young Cockatiels!

    SEXING COCKATIELS - Album - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting ^ These images may be the best shot to visually sex young cockatiels. I found this on a different thread a while back. I heard that the woman who made this guide was an expert and these images are relatively...