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  1. Troy72898

    Urgent Aspiration/choking baby cockatiel

    I’m not sure but I think my baby tiel was aspirating. I couldn’t make it to the vet in time before he passed. He was 15 days old and still in the nest box with the parents. Im worried the parents are too young (2 years and 3 years old). Should I pull the rest of the clutch and start hand...
  2. Summzz

    Mouth Gapping and Maybe Zoning Out?? Has anyone seen this before?

    Hi everyone. *NOTE: I have emailed my vet and waiting for a response* We were just training and having fun when my Conure, Claire, starting doing this weird action. It started about 5 seconds before I started recording. Her breathing still seemed fine during everything but I honestly thought...
  3. M

    5 month old Parrotlet choking on Millet

    Last night I was giving my untamed Parrotlet, Rango, some millet through the bars. I do this each day and he's usually fine but this time while he was eating it he paused and had a very weird expression on his face, he was trying to act normal but started gagging (?) and making small cough...
  4. Beakz

    Urgent PLEASE HELP! IRN choking/ sneezing?!

    my IRN was fine just a couple seconds ago, she maybe eat a piece of a cracker she found on the floor. But she’s been doing this choking/ sneezing/ thing like if she’s trying to get air and it’s FREAKING ME OUT I don’t know what to do :crycry:
  5. S

    Bird choked on Meds a few days ago. Should I be concerned?

    So I was told by the vet to give more Metacam to my bird. The concentration is low so it ended up being a lot at a time for him. When I gave it to him I mustve gone too fast so he choked on it. He worked through it and seems fine now but I didnt know if I need to be worried if the medicine is...
  6. S

    Requesting some advice

    hi guys, I have a 4-5 month old tiel that... well, I don’t think he has a medical problem, he just seems to suffer from being somewhat stupid. I originally had him on Zupreem pellets but he had some weird looking poos so I switched him to Harrison’s high potency fine. Now, he loves them. I...
  7. LydiaB

    Urgent What Should You Do If Your Bird is Choking?

    I never really thought about this question until it happened to Eddie. I was in the car, taking him home from the vet and I decided to give him a small bit of French fry since he had a stressful day. We went over a bump when he was trying to swallow and he ended up choking on it. I panicked and...