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  1. M

    Urgent: Ruptured air sac not healing

    I’ve been trying to get advice for this though my usual alleys but I’m not getting the information that I need so I’m trying a parrot forum instead. Birds are birds right? I have a baby chicken with a ruptured air sac which I have been treating for WEEKS now and it just isn’t healing. We went...
  2. M


    I know that this is usually more of a place for parrots and I have those too but this post mainly involves a chicken. I’m entertaining the idea of making some prosthetics for a rescue hen. She came to us with a damaged beak and more recently ended up with frostbite which has led to the loss of...
  3. A

    Sunken eye in a chicken

    My poor rooster was attacked by a dog and now he can’t open one of his eyes and it’s sunken in. And when I go to look at it there’s white clear stuff covering it but it can move and from what I’ve seen his actual eye seems ok. Is there a way to help him with that? also he has a few bites in his...
  4. Q

    My Chicken is Deaf?

    A few months ago I got a flock of nine different chickens, all hand raised and I pay a lot of attention to all of them. One of my birds, a Mille Fleur d'Uccle Bantam Which I've named Also Mine, Amy, or Amelia). I've noticed some strange behaviour around her, and did some tests and I'm fairly...
  5. AussieBird

    Chicken colour genetic question?

    Anyone have knowledge in this area and able to answer a question or two?
  6. Willi_gcc

    Meet the gang

    Hi I have a green cheek named Willi and two hens a austrolorp named Kylo hen and a red star named ava
  7. AussieBird

    So Excited!

    Four more silkies will be joining my chicken flock Saturday :bliss: Spent some of my morning setting up their temporary pen. Will post pictures of them here when they arrive! :egg:
  8. AussieBird

    Pictures Chicken pics

    Haven't been up to posting much about my chickens, so here's some pictures I took recently. Henry is such a poser :xflove:
  9. C

    Corynebacterium falsenii in a rooster

    I have a not-even-a-year-old white leghorn rooster who has white discharge from the corner of his beak - when it dries it kinda looks like dried glue. He's been tested and they found "corynebacterium falsenii" and "klebsiella pneumoniae" and he's on his second round of anti-biotics because the...
  10. BirdWorld

    RIP Kiki...

    This morning my chicken Kiki passed. :sorrow: I noticed three days ago that she appeared lethargic and very sick. She was very thin, and it seemed that she hadn't been eating much. I gave her mealworms because that was the only thing she'd eat, and put apple cider vinegar in her water as...
  11. BirdWorld

    Bald spot on chicken’s head

    I recently noticed a bald spot on Kiki’s head, right below her comb. She isn’t molting, and doesn’t have any other bald spots, so why could this be?
  12. BirdWorld

    Slightly odd behavior from chickens

    The chickens have been acting a little odd recently, I haven’t noticed anything different in how they act really, but I’ve been finding eggs recently in various places in the run and once out in the grass where they free range. They have nest boxes that they have been using for almost a year...
  13. AussieBird

    Chicken Litter/Bedding

    I've been talking with @fashionfobie about this, but am curious to see what others have to say too. What litter/bedding do you use for your chickens and why? And I want to start a dicussion about the deep litter system/method. I do not do it, but still want to hear your opinions
  14. Zara

    ❤️ My happy place ❤️

    I just want to share with you guys my favourite place to visit. I have mentioned it in a few places on the forum but I thought I could make a thread :) So a kind of local park to me is my favourite place to visit because it is a special park. It is almost a hybrid sanctuary. The park is quite...
  15. Zara

    Video Lots of cheeping in the park today

    I have spent the afternoon at my local park (my favourite place) with my parents who are here on holiday, there was plenty of cheeping, it´s such a sweet sound! I saw a good 50+ tiny weeny little chicks. I have made a couple of clips to share the cuteness! And today I only told off two...
  16. A

    Greetings from California!

    Good evening! My name is Sydney and I've just signed up, checking in from the Golden State! The pictures are my African Ringneck Parakeet, Gogol, and two of my hens, Honeybird (with her adopted babies) and Penny. I am the proud animommy of 2 dogs, a cat, my Ringneck, and 6 beautiful hens...
  17. A

    Urgent Broken Quail Leg - Experienced chicken and quail owners advice please!

    Hi everyone! We have just been given a little king quail by the name of "Goose" that has a very broken leg. It was broken when the flight cage he was living in was being cleaned and his leg became stuck in the wire. That was 5 days ago and since then he has been hopping around his cage on one...