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cage size

  1. MPCacatúa

    Cage Setup for 4 Budgies

    Hello! I wanted to share my cage set up and ask if there are any improvements I should make? Also- how can I get more toys and such in the lower half so they can enjoy their whole enclosure? (most of my toys hang from the ceiling of the cage) Also- they are allowed out of the cage daily! The...
  2. J

    Cage Sizes

    Hi everyone. I've got 3 birds, a budgie, a cockatiel, and a greencheeck conure. They have currently got 82x52x154cm flight cage each, but I'm looking at upgrading them all to a double flight cage each, so I've got a few questions about doing that. (this is their current cage) 1. Is 1.5cm bar...
  3. mangobird

    Lovebird cage size?

    Hi guys :) I'm currently in the process of researching for my future bird (most likely in the summer/fall) and I wanted to see what you lovebird-owners would recommend in terms of cage size for a single lovebird. A lot of online sources recommend cage sizes that seem really tiny to me, but...
  4. J

    4 cockatiels, how much space?

    Hey everybody! i’m currently looking into adopting up to 4 cockatiels. I was wondering what measurements and cage size i should get. Any advice would be appreciated!
  5. M

    What is the minimum cage size for Cockatiels and budgies????

    Hi, I put my 1 pair of cockatiels in 24''x18''x18'' cage and 1 pair of normal budgies in (not english budgies) 20''x16''x14''. But I want to know what is the minimum cage size for cockatiels and budgies?? (using for both Breeding cage and Flying cage), Thanks
  6. R

    Conure Cage Upgrade?

    Ro is fully flighted now and knows how to fly so I was looking to upgrade her cage. However, even though she has the space to flap around now, she doesn't. Her cage is 14 inches deep, 31 inches long and 52 inches high. She seems very content in it and hasn't had any stress or behaviour problems...
  7. Cockatango

    Pictures Decent sized cage for 2 tiels?

    Everywhere I've looked says a cockatiel needs a cage around 24"x24"x18". If I get another tiel and they share a cage, it'll have to be bigger still. My current cage is 24"x18"x22", and I can't seem to find any bigger than that. (I'm based in the UK) Here's the current cage for scale. It's an...
  8. M

    Pictures Help me choose a cage, please!

    Hey, guys! I've been doing my research and it seems it's finally time to choose a cage! After a lot of thinking, research and talking to you guys, I decided I'll get two cockatiels. Some of you guys suggested I should buy two cages instead of one, even if the tiels are still babies. Unfortunally...
  9. J

    Cages/Aviaries for Lorikeets

    What is the ideal housing for a Lorikeet? I'm looking at a cage which is 140cm high, 60cm deep, 95cm wide. Will my Lori be happy in there? He'll get flying time inside every day.
  10. GabeCast

    How's my cage setup?

    Just wondering if I can get some feedback on my cage? Not so sure about the size, the lady at the store recommended this cage. I gave him a calcium chew block, a little bell toy-thing to play with and shredding wood. Anything setup wrong in the cage? Here's some pictures:
  11. Atomiklan

    Flight cage questions

    Ok so what is the precise definition of a "flight cage" please? I see that term thrown around a lot but not sure exactly what it means less the obvious break down of the two words. Is it referring to a specific type of cage? Or perhaps a specific geometry? Or perhaps a specific size that...
  12. shasta

    Conure cage

    Hi, I am planning on getting a little green cheek and I found a cage but I think it might be too small. It's 24"high by 20"deep by 24"wide. Thanks in advance!
  13. T

    I'm New!

    I am going to be a first time bird parent in a couple of weeks. I'm adopting 2 three-year old linnies. They are a bonded pair, male and female. I am reading madly to learn as much as possible. (I've already learned tons here, thanks) I will appreciate all your help in answering my questions...