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  1. BluJay

    Vet Wrap Question

    Hi, I've noticed that some people use vet wrap on their perches. My guy has bad feet so I have always provided him with rope perches. However I want to include some natural perches that he can grip. I have a few questions about the wrap. Is any brand of it okay or is there a certain...
  2. M

    Urgent Bumblefoot swelling

    Hello, I am new on this forum so I don't know if I'm doing stuff right but I am too distressed to read forum rules and tips and tricks so bear with me ❤️ I have a cockatiel, (s)he is soon to be 9 year old, had him for about 8 yrs. I will be saying "he" because they said it was a male in the shop...
  3. Quailer2

    How should convince my parents to bring my birds to the vet?

    Today, when I was hand-feeding my female zebra finch Flower, I looked at her feet and saw something I did not expect. Her feet were covered in white stuff (probably scaly mites) and the part of her feet between the three-toe section and the hallux was pink. So I am thinking that they have...
  4. Bubbywubby

    Bird help.

    Hi everyone, I’m a new bird owner and was curious to know if this could possibly be bumble foot. Thanks :newhere:
  5. EmmaAndEiffel

    Disabled parrot no perches??

    My rosella had bumblefoot surgery on his feet years ago and since then we've been battling blisters on his feet, I go up and down to the vet often and they can find no cause so I've been told "it's just something that's gonna happen because of the surgery". He's on long term anti inflammatorys...
  6. PippinLovebird

    Bumble foot?

    So I saw this on my cockatiels foot today, is it a scab? Could it potentially be bumble foot? I'm not really sure but thought it would be safe to get some opinions. Thanks!
  7. mybluebirb

    Urgent Hurt foot!! Again?!

    Last month, my birdie had a red mark on her foot, we took her to the vet and they said she got burnt. The vet said thankfully it wasn't bumblefoot. The marks have now healed, however, now there are more marks on her feet !! The marks look similar to last time, they are like little red spots. I...
  8. EmmaAndEiffel

    Bumble Foot Surgery

    My parrot had surgery for bumblefoot yesterday and is doing fine thankfully, he is now bandaged up and on pain meds and antibiotics. I was just wondering if anyone has experience with this and could tell me how long it usually takes to heal/how long the bandages will be on him? I asked my vet...