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  1. Shorty's Grl

    New - Hand raising BG Macaw - 8 weeks

    Hi! I thought i would take a moment and introduce myself, I'm Montana & i have a new baby Blue & Gold Macaw. This is my first macaw but not my first time hand feeding. I used to raise ducklings and fostered a 5 year old african grey for about 6 months. I'm super excited about my baby!! His name...
  2. RobMenace1995

    What are signs that a cockatiel loves you?

    I got my cockatiel, Sprite, about a month and 1/2 ago. He was 10 weeks when I got him. I spend every second I'm at home with him. He likes to be out of the cage and likes to sit on me. That is all he wants to do: be on me. I was wondering if he is bonded to me or is indifferent. During night...
  3. Redroversis

    New owner of GCCs

    I am a new, first time owner of a pair of sister green cheeks that were given to me. They are about 4-5 years old. The couple that had them, one of them was allergic, and the other began working all the time so they just didn't have the time to spend with them that the girls deserved. I am...
  4. Miss B

    A note on scritchy-scratchies

    Hi all! I joined today because I often come to this site for advice, and I wanted to share something! Cello is my little guy, he's a peach-face and he's been my partner in crime for a little over a year now. He loves scritchy-scratchies, and when I scratch him I always smooth the feathers...
  5. R

    New Macaw Mommy

    Hi everyone, I am a new red fronted macaw mommy! This is the first forum I have ever joined and I'm hoping it will help expand my knowledge. I received my red fronted macaw as a gift, I only have experience with a Moluccan Cockatoo, so I am hoping someone that has experience with macaws will be...
  6. A

    If i house two birds in separate cages will they bond with each other and not me?

    Hi guys! About 3 weeks ago i bought a 7 week old love bird, but sadly we are still not bonded. I spend time with him at least 4 hours a day, but I don't touch him much since he dislikes that. PLUS SADLY he has started to bite. Moving on, today, i bought a cockatiel, but separated their cages...
  7. D

    Is this a sign of progress???

    hi! I adopted a grey named Doot'na about a year and a half ago. She immediately took to my husband but was disdainful of me. I have been working to earn her love and my husband has no interest in her and so doesn't interact with her much. A few days ago I noticed that she suddenly was behaving...
  8. Rhoadsette

    Who is my bird bonding with?

    Okay this might be a long post so I will try to keep it short. I bought a GCC back in June to be my bird. I bought him from a petco store because he was in poor health and it broke my heart to see him in a small tank with nothing to do all day. So I purchased him and all his necessary supplies...
  9. M

    Bonding with a (somewhat) new bird?

    Hello all. I brought home my ringneck, Yoshi a month and a half ago. He comes out of his cage on his own, and is pretty content on my shoulder. The problem is that he does not really like my fingers, so when he's perched on them, he bites really hard until I put him on my shoulder :bash:. Is...
  10. Omar1234

    Eclectus advice

    Hello everyone and thank you for reading this, I am a new bird owner and I could REALLY use some advice. Last week my family got our first pet birds. We aren't sure how old they are because the previous owners didn't give us very much info. However we believe they are both around 8 years...