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  1. Rhoadsette

    Who is my bird bonding with?

    Okay this might be a long post so I will try to keep it short. I bought a GCC back in June to be my bird. I bought him from a petco store because he was in poor health and it broke my heart to see him in a small tank with nothing to do all day. So I purchased him and all his necessary supplies...
  2. M

    Bonding with a (somewhat) new bird?

    Hello all. I brought home my ringneck, Yoshi a month and a half ago. He comes out of his cage on his own, and is pretty content on my shoulder. The problem is that he does not really like my fingers, so when he's perched on them, he bites really hard until I put him on my shoulder :bash:. Is...
  3. Omar1234

    Eclectus advice

    Hello everyone and thank you for reading this, I am a new bird owner and I could REALLY use some advice. Last week my family got our first pet birds. We aren't sure how old they are because the previous owners didn't give us very much info. However we believe they are both around 8 years...