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  1. E

    How to "unbond" bonded bird?

    Hey, My dove (Baby, age 24 ish) loves men. He loves to be held and pet and especially loves being held and pet by my husband. Ive just started to learn more about what it means to "properly touch" birds without simulating them to bond to a human and see them as their mate. The more I learn...
  2. sydneytiel

    Second cockatiel??

    Hii! I'm new to the site (so I hope I'm posting this in the right section hahaha) and I would like to ask some advice: I got my first cockatiel ever a month ago, she (I think it's a she) spends most of her time outside her cage, loves to cuddle and always wants to be with me. Should I get her a...
  3. Char.bird

    I just want my bird to like me!!

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and I really need some advice and help! I have two birds a budgies (boo) who's about 4 and a lovebird (peachy) who is just turning 2. During this quarantine they have been spoiled so much, they got a new cage, toys and they come out of the cage so much. But lately I...
  4. D

    Caique as a College Student in a Unique Situation

    Hey, So I had a couple green cheek conures up until a few years ago, which had to be given to another family due to medical issues and other extenuating circumstances. Life's gotten a lot better now, and I have a couple of years of college left. I'm thinking about getting a Caique since they...
  5. Harley

    Black capped conure bonding and taking

    Hello everyone so I recently bought a black capped conure and he is not tame at all I’ve managed to get him to come over and take food from my hand in the couple days I’ve had him but not sure where to go from here he is quite nervous of my hands and just looking for tips to bond and tame so I...
  6. Nimbus

    Pictures Bonding!

    AhhhHhHh I’m so excited! Pippin seems to have finally connected my hand to coming out of the cage, and generally good things. Sammi’s still absolutely terrified of hands - but she’s pretty comfortable getting onto my arm! I had both birds on my arm for 45 minutes of my online LA! They even...
  7. MaggieBee

    Cori update: one small step for a little budgie, one giant leap for trust-building

    Look!!! LooklooklookLOOK: I'M V I B R A T I N G WITH EXCITEMENT After he was full he stood perched for like 20 minutes more. Fluffed up and everything! My arm hurts, but it was worth it :joyful: @tka @Dorcas George @Monica @Ulis_Beast
  8. MaggieBee

    Cori update: 1 week (and one setback)

    Hi! It's me again with your weekly update on the world's prettiest budgie! I can't believe it's been a week... I suppose time flies when you spend most of it with a little feathered friend. Ok, let's start with the setback: The little green devil learned to how to open his cage – and shaved...
  9. Birbnoob


    A little update, so I my budgie banana hzs been flying around ever since my post for advice. He's really cute, I let him play outside of the cage till it's bedtime for him and it's been pretty easy to get him back in the cage. He steps up on a stick and he allows me to carry him home hehe. Today...
  10. B

    2 Green Cheeks

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, so I am unsure if I am posting in the correct place. I am however in need of some help making a decision in the next week and any advice would be welcome. I have absolutely fallen in love with a pair of green cheek conures at my local petco and I would...
  11. Danisaur

    Bonding & Breeding

    Hello! I apologize in advance for the long post. But appreciate if you are able to read through and give me some advice! have a 4 year old male cockatiel, and a 1.5 year old female. they have been living in the same cage for a couple months now, and I am badly wanting them to bond and breed. I...
  12. Kenzie

    Let me in on your relationship with Bonded Birds

    I think we are all aware that, if possible, the most fair way to keep a parrot is with a partner due to their high social needs and biological programming to feel the need to have their flock nearby at all times. We of course cannot accommodate between working, spending time with our loved ones...
  13. malibu


    Thought I would share some good news! I have found that my lovie, chica was a bit timid with hands but today she allowed me to have my hand near her without running away or tensing up. She also ate some seed from a spoon with my hand a couple inches from her. Im so happy and excited for us to...
  14. malibu

    Getting a bird to accept treats from hands

    So my lovie that I have had for roughly 2 weeks currently won't eat any treats besides chopped walnuts and almonds and she will only eat them if they are in her food dish. I tried using millet and giving it through the bars since shes kinda hand shy but she straight up refuses millet unless it's...
  15. sjalfsmord

    4 Weeks Old Lovebird

    Hey everyone! I have a new lovebird now, her name is Mango and she's approx 4 weeks old. Her beak is still partially black and she's super tiny. I had two lovebirds, Watermelon and Melon; and sadly, Melon passed away recently. The other lovebird Watermelon was feeling alone and he was a bit...
  16. malibu

    Bonding with Lovebird

    Hey everyone, So about 10 days ago I got a handfed baby lovebird (8 weeks or so) and I was wondering if anyone can give me some tips and tricks on bonding with her. So far I have just sat by her cage periodically and talked to her gently and put my hand in or by the cage to get her used to...
  17. T

    Help with Genders + Bonding

    Hello Everyone , I’ve been wanting birds for a long time and recently got 2 budgies! They’re amazing! Currently they’re temporarily in a minimum size cage :( Just because it was a last minute thing . Now , I’m confused on one of their genders but I assume the one with the blue cere is a male...
  18. Zara

    A modern day birdy love saga

    Will she wait for him? Starting a few weeks ago when Adélie started to spread her wings in her cage whilst gazing at Sydney, it has been a slow journey to love for her. Since then we have had Adélie using her beautiful wings and loud vocals as tools in the hopes of seducing the handsome (and...
  19. Emily&coco

    Adopted the lovely miss Coco!!!

    Hello everyone! its my first time posting here! after a TON of research and much waiting I've finally adopted my first green cheek conure! The previous owner unfortunetly could no longer give her the time she needed, but I could tell she was really heartbroken to give her up and that coco was...
  20. H

    New Indian Ringneck Baby

    Hello Everyone! I'm new here! I'm glad I found this website where all of us bird lovers can be a part of a community that loves and respects birds! I just recently got my new Indian Ringneck baby. She is a blue female, her name is Bubbles. She was hand fed and the employee informed me that...