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A note on scritchy-scratchies

Miss B

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Hi all!

I joined today because I often come to this site for advice, and I wanted to share something!

Cello is my little guy, he's a peach-face and he's been my partner in crime for a little over a year now. He loves scritchy-scratchies, and when I scratch him I always smooth the feathers around his nostrils away, because often some of the little feathers 'turn in' and get stuck in his little nostrils- which must be so irritating for him! He certainly loves his 'nose massages' as I gently try to smush the feathers back to the right direction.

Anyway, today when I was giving him scritchy-scratchies I noticed a tiny litte grey strand sticking out of his nostril, not attached to his skin like the usual 'backwards feathers.' I massaged his nose until the strand was long enough for me to get a hold of.... and pulled out an ENTIRE DOWN FEATHER! I couldn't believe it! If you have a bird, I'm sure you're familiar with the big, fluffy, floaty down-feathers that come out sometimes when they groom themselves- imagine having one stuck in your nose! He was so relieved when I pulled it out, and I'm so glad I noticed it!

So- my point is- if your feathered buddy lets you give them scritchy-scratchies, make sure you try to check out their little nostrils in the process- they may have something super itchy irritating their nostrils that they need your help to get out! Cello loves his nose rubs, and I hope your little pals will too.

Happy scratching!

Peep peep!
Love from Cello and B


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Poor little guy! How adorable he is. :)


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What a cutey! He looks like a very happy wet bird in your second pic. :)