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Is this a sign of progress???

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hi! I adopted a grey named Doot'na about a year and a half ago. She immediately took to my husband but was disdainful of me. I have been working to earn her love and my husband has no interest in her and so doesn't interact with her much. A few days ago I noticed that she suddenly was behaving differently towards me. Where she used to nip me when I tried to do anything aside from feed her and scratch her head, she suddenly started letting me touch her feet and would even step up for me. She also was very gently taking my finger in her mouth rather than nipping. I did notice that she was showing signs of mating behavior, such as wing drooling and regurgitating onto my hand. I am wondering if her being "in the mood" is the sole reason she's suddenly being nice to me. Will she go back to being mean to me once she is past it or have I made some progress with our relationship? I am also confused because I thought that birds became more aggressive during that time not little angels. And if she hated me before why would she choose me to display her mating behaviors to. I'm so confused. I'm hoping that this means I'm making progress but I don't want to get my hopes up only to be crushed. Any insight would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!!


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It is hard to tell. It could be that she has become comfortable with you.

Many times when a bird becomes aggressive during the breeding season, it is because their chosen "mate" has not been receptive to their wants, or they feel that someone/something is interfering with their relationship with their "mate".