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  1. Katira

    Why is he biting now and what should I do?

    Hi all! First time poster here! :newhere: I am Katira, I am 23 and an online student, bibliophile and full-time bird nerd. Welcoming all helpful suggestions for me and my two best bird friends!! :irn::heart::bcc: So a little backstory: I was given my IRN :irn: Apple, by a friend who bought him...
  2. A

    Cocatiel hen attacking her babies

    Hi why would the mother attack her babies and will she do this again in the future. She was a first time parent her partner was outside the nest box when she attacked them. I'm just very sacred she does this again the babies was 3 days and Older. I tried to safe all 4 of them. But after a few...
  3. A

    They are comfortable with me and like to snuggle but freak out when I try to pet them ?

    Hi all! Ive had my conures just under a month now (kiwi the pineapple conure) (durian the green cheek) as of late ive been getting mixed messages from them. For example they love snuggling in my hoodie, playing with my hair, and are comfortable perching on my hand, etcetera however when I try to...
  4. M

    Budgie teenager phase?

    Hi guys! I have had my two budgies for about 3 months now, and they are both around 8 months old. I have one male and one female, the male named Kiwi and the Female named Winter. Currently I can tell that they are both in a molt as there are a lot of dropped feathers at the bottom of the cage...
  5. C

    Bonded bitey baby?

    Hey guys! We're new proud rose crown conure parents! He's such a cute guy, was really well behaved in the pet store, sitting so well on my shoulder AND finger. Now at home he's a pretty rough biter? He's picked me to be his absolute favourite tree! Sitting on my shoulder calmy and grooming my...
  6. Chloejoyy

    Random aggression

    Today my 10mo old cockatiel flew to me & attacked my face. He has never been aggressive towards me, he will show me when to back off by opening his beak and i respect that. I have no idea where this random aggression came from and need to put a stop to it immediately. He made my face bleed. I...
  7. Teagan Hall

    Video How do you scold your bird?

    I was told birds are like toddlers with wings; they were not wrong. And like toddlers it is important to have consequences for good and bad behaviour. Birds scream, it's a natural part of their behaviour. They could be scared, talkative, wanting attention or displaying aggression, etc. Birds...
  8. Sonic

    Bitting lovebird

    My relative needs me to take care of his lovebird and I’m up for it but the problem is the bird bites a lot I’ve tried everything I could feeding it treats,trying to show that I’m not a threat,bonding,trying to hand tame. Help would be very appreciated with this problem I have
  9. HannahAlaga

    New green cheeked conure

    I recently (as of December 30, 2018) got a green cheeked conure. He is very loud and outgoing. He will eat treats from your hand. I am trying to pet him, and he keeps biting me. Does this mean that he doesn’t like to be touched? He is 4 years by the way. Any tips on how to gain his trust?
  10. K

    My new jenday

    Hello I have read many of these forums and all tho close, none fit the behavior I'm experiencing with my jenday. I'm not new to birds, but cant say I've ever experienced something like this. I just got my jenday 3 days ago. Didnt get her true back story till after I paid and realized she has...