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bird room

  1. ode.to.parrots

    Pictures Designing the Bird Room of My Dreams - Need Advise and Suggestions!

    Greetings everyone! It has been a long time since I last posted on Avian Avenue, but I have had a lot of exciting things going on in my life - the main one being that my husband and I just bought our dream home! :loveshower: One my must haves when we were house hunting was to have a designated...
  2. J

    Heating Bird Room

    Hey Everyone, So I'm moving in a few weeks and will need a heater for the room my 2 budgies and cockatiel will be in. It's next to impossible to source a bird specific heater where I'm living even having trouble finding any online that have good reviews and will ship to Ireland in time. I have...
  3. M

    Is infrared lamp safe for birds?

    Hi, Does anyone use this infrared lamp for birds or in aviary?? Is infrared radiation safe for birds??
  4. W

    design ideas for birdie room!!

    nori's cage is outside and india gets very cold and polluted in the winter so i think if i was ever to have another bird i would have to make the room on the roof (where i spend a lot of time in) equally as fun a i hope to make the aviary. i love the idea of those big ropes hanging up and those...
  5. M

    Found Solution for Carpeted Flooring

    Wooden Bamboo Mats!! They work great! and less pricey than changing the flooring!
  6. H

    Quiet room for birds?

    I read an article on parrots, as I usually do, but then it mentioned sleep rooms for parrots. While I don't remember it saying that it was necessary, I remember people saying that they do give their parrots a designated place to sleep. Huh. I haven't thought about where to put my future bird at...
  7. Flyover

    Parrotlets in Bird Room - Hazard to Other Birds?

    I have had a pair of parrotlets in quarantine for nearly a month, and was planning to transition them into a new cage in my bird room sometime in the next few weeks. However, I have been reading about more aggressive hookbills doing serious damage to or killing other birds FROM WITHIN THEIR OWN...