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Update baby cockatiel


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Hello everyone!

I thought It would be nice to leave an update for my baby cockatiel. It has been two years and a half since I've posted an emergency thread about my baby cockatiel. In case you haven't seen the thread, it was about a baby cockatiel that I bought from a breeder. Back then, I didn't know how bad her situation was. She was basically on her last strength of survival. I took the words from the breeder not knowing how wrong he was and how he ignored Pikachu's situation. She was most probably picked on by her parents and had her feathers plucked out by them from when she hatched. She was more than 3 weeks old but was featherless. When I took her home I wasn't aware of her bad situation, until I posted the emergency thread and was helped by many people which I'm extremely thankful for helping me save my baby's life. With everyone's help, I was guided on how to save Pikachu. It sure cost me a lot but it's worth it. I wanted to share how much she grew up from then, to show how strong she was for surviving that. The day the vet told me if she lived more than 6 months it meant our efforts were meaningful, I was crying all night. But look now, it's been two years and a half! and she is still alive with me. She even talks!:D she learned the words I always told her including her name! She always sings Pikachuu in such a cute voice, followed by kisses and other words in my language which means "little one "and "my life". I used to always say these to her, no surprise she learned them. She also likes to be held sometimes and even head scratches. She grew beautiful wings. Even though for her size they are too big, they are still beautiful. She absolutely hates taking a bath and not wanting to try any veggies. Not to forget how she doesn't want to do anything with my 2 budgies :rofl: I hope this update was interesting to read for some of you, and once again thank you for helping to save her life.
*or he idk
Here are some pictures of Pikachu: 20240110_184457.jpg IMG_20240111_012148_225.jpg 20230925_112953.jpg (before and after)


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Such a lovely update