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  1. birdsmella

    confusion because i can’t work genetics generators

    I’d just really like to know what the offspring between my two Quaker parrots would be Skittles is an Male Albino (no idea what his parents looked like) & Duckie is a female Lutino (possible split blue) does anyone know what their babies would look like or be? and yes i know they can have...
  2. S

    Bath sprays or just water?

    Hi, I was wondering if I should stick to just using water to bathe my baby CAG or if I should also start using some sort of aloe bath spray. I have heard good and bad things about using aloe bath sprays and just want to do what’s best for my bird.
  3. L

    NEW BORNS Name Suggestions

    Hello my fellow Bird LOVERS! I have some new borns, any names suggestions that Start with the Letter P ??
  4. phancy

    spots on babies back

    hi guys! after many previous failed attempts, my happy is finally a dad to 2 very beautiful foster babies named blueberry and grape(they got them as eggs, and hatched them by themselves so as far as they know they're their kids). the oldest of them is 11 days old now, and when I was trying her...
  5. Ladymoonah

    Help...Mozzie attack!!

    Hi we have recently had a lot of flooding in my area and are now plague portions of mosquito and other flying bugs what is safe to use around the house and are my new born budgies at risk.(in an aviary nest box being cared for buy mum and dad).. ? ... thanks
  6. D

    Unhatched lovebird eggs

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and have a question .. First let me paint a picture of my pride and joy; I've build an outdoor walk-in aviary (i live in the UK), 3.6m x 1.8m x 1.8m. We started of with 4 cockatiels, 4 budgies and 4 lovebirds. Now we have 4 cockatiels, 10 budgies and 7 lovebirds...
  7. Birdman696

    Elegant parrot Co-parenting?

    Hi, so I have a pair of elegant parrots who are currently sitting on 2 eggs which are due to hatch soon and while I know elegant parrots don’t make good companion birds I was wondering if it was possible to co parent them and try to get them somewhat tame? I don’t want to feed the babies or...
  8. claykroh

    Where the babies should live

    My caiques recently had three babies. They're doing well, and they all live in a pretty large cage for the moment. The babies are about two months old now, so they're fledging and starting to eat food. They're also getting bigger, and though the cage is large, I'm thinking it probably is going...
  9. E

    Cockatiel eggs pipping

    I currenting have 5 eggs incubating in a homemade incubator everything that is needed for the eggs have been met as all 5 have life. Now the first egg has started pipping 28 hours ago . It still only has a small hole. I have tried to read and do research on the matter but not much is found. I...
  10. N

    Help! Lots of finches and new eggs

    Hi! My uncle had about 50 finches in a large cage but got sick and the birds were contributing to breathing problems so I inherited them. I always loved these birds and planned on taking some off of his hands at some point but now I have them all first off I am now aware that 50 finches in...
  11. Fiveboy

    Worlds Cutest (Sneaky) Lovebird Babies

    My babies "hatched" a plan - to be cute, and sneaky. Mission accomplished!
  12. SamanthaAV

    Urgent What is going on with my babies?

    I originally posted this is the breeder section but realized I should post it here... So I am familiar with hand raising parrots, I have handfed many birds but this is only my second clutch of Parrotlets without a mentor. I was anticipating to remove them from the nestbox at about 2 weeks of...
  13. SamanthaAV

    Possible Aspiration Pneumonia?

    So I am familiar with hand raising parrots, I have handfed many birds but this is only my second clutch of Parrotlets without a mentor. I was anticipating to remove them from the nestbox at about 2 weeks of age as I have always done in the past but my baby, their mother past away suddenly, god...
  14. Ned TJ

    22-day gap in eggs

    Hello everyone. Hoping for some insight of what complications may arise. Kiwi and Buddy are on their 1st clutch. They are 5 and 2 1/2yr old Conures. Kiwi has laid 5 eggs to date, my problem is the huge gap in egg laying. The ages of the eggs and events Egg 1- 22 days old (She started laying on...
  15. Rainbowings

    New to Lovebirds + baby birds... Help!

    Hi there! I am relatively new to birds in general. My mom did have a family parrot when I was a kid & I had 2 parakeets- but being a kid my mom did most of the work! Last year I got a pair of lovebirds. Not gonna lie- it was a knee jerk kinda thing & that was irresponsible. The parents were...
  16. R

    Got baby teils need some advice 3week olds

    - They are 20-25 days old - they seem to squeel for food every 2 hours - they squeel for food even after I feed them - I was told to give them 8ml of formula 4 times a day or 15ml 3 times a day by 2 diff vendors. - my questions are: what is the best portion vs meals a day to aim for with them. -...
  17. Bekky

    Hand feeding new rescues

    hi all! Some of you may have seen my first post where I introduced the three rescue birds I got from a hoarding situation. At the time they wouldn’t let me take anything else but I got them to give up the baby Sun Conure and Baby Green Cheek they were trying to hand feed... I am an experienced...
  18. S

    Pictures When to recognise splayed legs

    Hi all! I have started breeding budgies (just one set of birds) and have an experienced male and a young female. She has being doing a good job and their crops are both very full, and the babies are healthy. They have feathers and both have eyes open. The older one is 17 days old, younger one...
  19. SamanthaAV

    Help, How Do I Transport My Babies?

    I have 2 parrotlet hatchlings and a home brooder but I need some way to take them on a car ride for a couple of hours. How can I make a portable brooder that will keep them safe and warm during trips?
  20. MAMAB11

    New to breeding and need some friendly advice!

    Hello! I have 9 baby budgies 3 of which are 3 months old today :) the other six were just born last month ( oldest is almost 4 weeks ) Anyway I am new the breeding aspect of this. I definitely did not know what I was getting myself in for LOL but I'm very happy I did! Do any of you know where a...