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  1. S

    Dr Ross Perry books. Copy of one of them?

    Hi, I'm looking for a copy of any one of Dr Ross Perry's books. If anyone has a book they no longer want or would be willing to send a copy. Any place online to read ebook?
  2. vaporised

    Pictures Rehoming my 1 year old Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo, Sydney Australia

    *Sydney, NSW Australia* Hey everyone, it is absolutely heartbreaking to have to write this, but I’m looking to find a forever home for my female MM2 Dusty. This was not an easy decision and has been causing me much anguish, being my greatest source of stress for many months. I have tried so...
  3. vaporised

    Catching PBFD from wild Aussie birds

    Hi there! I'm a soon-to-be owner of a baby Major Mitchell's cockatoo, and I'm a bit concerned about the apparent frequency of wild PBFD infected birds in Australia. I read somewhere that 10-20% of wild sulfur crested cockatoos in South-East Australia carry the virus? This is pretty terrifying...
  4. StarTrick

    Large aviary in Australia like the one linked?

    Howdy howdy, I'm moving out to a more rural area in QLD, Australia soon (avian vet still within a 3 hours drive, thankfully) but I'm looking to set up a massive space where my Eclectus can hang out during the day whilst my mother is with him at home and I'm out volunteering at clinics, farms...
  5. flyzipper

    Australian budgie disease alert

    I don't have additional info aside from what's posted in the attached link (sorry it's Facebook), but thought it would be a good idea to keep an eye on this.
  6. AussieBird

    Sprout mix recommendations?

    I am looking for two sprout mixes. One for budgies and one for medium sized parrots. I know I could do a search, but I’ve never done sprouts and don’t know what I should look for, and I wanted to see if there’s any particular one/s people love/recommend. Please remember I am in Australia ;)
  7. Stevie

    Hi I’m new! from Australia

    Hi, I’m new!!! I have already posted a few things about my new baby budgie Stevie. I’m from Queensland, Australia where budgies are of course native to..(not in my area but used to live where there were wild flocks). We have many beautiful birds in Australia and I am also lucky to have them...
  8. AussieBird

    Seed mixes ?

    Looking for recommendations for seed mixes, and what to look for in a seed mix. For budgies Please before suggesting make sure it’s available in Australia Don’t want one with added stuff such as sunflower seeds, fruits, and grit Available online, as I am avoiding stores right now And if...
  9. flyzipper

    Outback sees biggest budgie flocks in 10 years due to perfect breeding conditions (video)

    Budgies doing budgie things in the wild...
  10. flyzipper

    Why a cockatoo trick in Australia has scientists enthralled

    I would have thought the basic behaviour of birds teaching their young to forage (among other things) would be an example of social learning, but this specific example made headlines. Scientists have documented examples of social learning in birds, and the spread of a trick to open trash bins...
  11. flyzipper

    Researchers call on public to help identify what’s killing lorikeets

    For our Australian members. Lorikeets in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland are becoming paralysed, often resulting in death. Scientists are beginning to discover why - but need your help. (source)
  12. V

    Video Bush turkey in Australia

  13. Rio72

    Moving with Lorikeet: Advice Needed

    Hello, I wasn't sure where to ask this but eventually found this forum. I am intending to move out of home in just over a year, but need to start looking into this now to decide whether it is safe for me to take my lorikeet with me or if he will have to stay with my mum. I know for some...
  14. Ashnic

    Pionus in Australia

    Hi there, does anyone know if you can get pionus in Australia? I keep seeing on various Aussie parrot sites that bronze wings are available. But yet to find a breeder.
  15. Tia Cecilia

    Hi there! Introduction and Pre-Parrot Panics

    So, I'm Tia, I'm a minor and I live in Australia. These past few months, I've been researching and planning (and convincing the parents) to have a companion bird. Just recently I came across two Kakarikis which were accidentally bred by a breeder who lives just a minute away from my place. After...
  16. Peri-Keet

    Is my Red Rump ugly?

    I have a baby Red Rumped parakeet/parrot who I love dearly, but everyone who I show pictures of him to is saying he's "kinda ugly" or "the ugly duckling". It happens usually after I show them pictures of mature red rumps, or other red rumps with more iridescent colors. I'm still unsure if he'll...
  17. S

    Greetings from Australia

    Hi, former bird owner here. I'd created this account with the hopes of learning more about a peculiar Scaly-breasted Lorikeet that happened upon my backyard a week ago, but after a very recent turn of events (the bird was hospitalised for underlying respiratory problems and was pronounced dead...
  18. RedCarpetEclectus


    For weeks I have been searching for a relatively cheap way to buy TOPS parrot food in Australia, and I have found the holy grail!! http://parrotdiseperch.com/east/totally-organic-pellets This site is in Canada and their international shipping to Australia is really cheap if you go for...