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  1. Randi K

    Urgent Sinus Infection Advice

    Hello all, I have a new lovebird who came to us with a sinus infection and would love some thoughts (sort of checking myself). We got this baby on Saturday July 22nd. He’s approximately two months old and was still getting formula supplemented twice a day but I was told he also eats on his own...
  2. moonlight_

    Vetafarm Triple C

    Hi, So one of our two cockatiels her name is Tiki, yesterday we noticed that she was looking a bit fluffed up, she was trying to regurgitate a bit (Nothing came out I really couldn't tell if she was really trying to vomit) and just didn't look happy I knew something was off, so we kept her in...
  3. S

    Pictures not better! Afraid Enlarged Organs Liver proventriculus don't know what to do!!!

    I am new to this forum. I have already been to a VET multiple times. I am struggling with how much $ I have already spent and my bird is still not better. Looking for opinions/advice and personal experiences. I will attach xray images. I don't know what or if I should do any further...
  4. Jxdeeyy


    So, since both my budgies are on antibiotics for 28 days I was wondering whether it would be useful providing them with a probiotic to avoid any yeast infections? And does anyone have any recommendations if so?
  5. J

    Urgent Budgie Respiratory Problems

    Hi Everyone, I noticed that my budgie Blu had a blocked nostril the other day as well as audibly panting after flying, and had, still has, a bit of a tail bob, I brought him straight to the vet, unfortunately there's no avian vet near me as there's only one in the whole country here. The vet...
  6. N

    10 week old Eclectus with infection and PVD

    Hi all, sorry for the long back story. Miss Ruby is a 10.5 week old Eclectus. At 2 weeks old she was taken from her mum when it was discovered that she had taken three of her toes off. It must have happened very early as by the time she was taken, they looked completely healed and there was no...
  7. Csolis22

    I need help with my Vet Results. Please.

    Hi I took my lovebird for a crop exam and it came back with Staph Aureus and she’s gonna get antibiotics but I’m confused what this all means. I’ve never heard of this before and is it serious? Is the medication dangerous? Please help.
  8. sjalfsmord

    Weight loss.

    Hey everyone! I wanted to ask something about Melon's (♂) and Mango's (♀) behaviour+weight. I'm still learning a lot about these little raptors so please help me out. :laughing2: So 1,5 months ago Mango started laying eggs. Melon was constantly feeding her but I guess it wasn't enough for her...
  9. S

    cockatiel antibioc

    hello, this is my first time posting, so I hope I'm doing this right! yesterday my cockatiel hurt her wing, I'm not sure how, I woke up and there was blood on her wing (she shares the cage with a male cockatiel). She can fly just fine. I took her to the vet and they checked her wing and I was...
  10. cyoungva

    Cozzi is having a hard time breathing

    Cozzi is my 12 year old cockatiel. Over the course of the past month, he has been doing a lot of sneezing, and open beak breathing. He has always been active, but is not playing anymore and he becomes easily exerted. His diet still seems good, and he eats well. Once I noticed him having symptoms...
  11. Kiwi0724

    Urgent Swollen & Very Irritated Love Bird Feet Please Help!!

    Hello everyone, I have a little peach faced lovebird (Kiwi) and I got him when he was only 8 weeks old. He is now 5 months and at first, it started as some sort of trauma to his leg. He always flies around the house or jumps off the cage sometimes and the leg in which the silver band is on is...
  12. LuckyClare

    Probiotics after antibiotics

    Hey Guys, I am brand new on here. Thanks for having me :) I have a rainbow lorikeet named Lucky. She was recently sick and the vet suggested antibiotics. I am reluctant with antibiotics for any creature, but I was worried about my bird. So, she is better now, probably because of the charcoal I...
  13. C

    Urgent Baytril Antibiotics - good or bad?

    Hi, My 5 year old green-cheek conure was recently prescribed Batyril as an antibiotic (2x a day for 6 weeks), because her avian vet (who we have been going to for four years) thinks she has a kidney infection. I've been trying to research this antibiotic, but can't find anything good about it...
  14. C

    Urgent Doxycycline side effects?

    My GCC has been taking doxycycline for a couple days because the vet suspected a bacterial infection. He's been less energetic recently and seems to eat a bit slower. In addition, he doesn't move as much as he usually does. Is this a side effect of the medication or is this cause for concern?