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Urgent Sinus Infection Advice

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Hello all, I have a new lovebird who came to us with a sinus infection and would love some thoughts (sort of checking myself).

We got this baby on Saturday July 22nd. He’s approximately two months old and was still getting formula supplemented twice a day but I was told he also eats on his own. I did give the formula that we were given with the bird as he adjusted to being in our home. Mostly this was just placing the syringe near his mouth and he’d lick the formula off the ends. We noticed a strange noise from almost the beginning (sort of like velcro peeling off softly) and I had heard that noise with a different bird that turned out to be a bacterial infection so this raised my awareness. We couldn’t tell if it was beak grinding or not and since he seemed otherwise normal we decided to monitor. By the following Wednesday (the 26th), I noticed actual fluid coming from his nares, clear and it would sort of mat the surrounding feathers. When he breathed it would go in and out. We immediately took him to our avian vet who saw some gram negative bacteria and believed it to be a sinus infection. He also ran dna and tests for the major diseases (all of which came back clear).

Little has been on Baytril since that day and we have seen slight improvements, but Saturday (the 29th) he had excessive fluid again. I called his vet and he advised to keep monitoring over the weekend and if I was still seeing fluid, call Monday and we’d put him on a second antibiotic (sulfameth-trimeth). We did have to make that call and we were able to start the first full dose of the additional antibiotic yesterday. To that point the little one honestly seemed to be improving again, I was only seeing a tiny bit of fluid each morning and he seemed to have tons of energy (read: got super feisty and has been flying all over). This morning is where the trouble is. I woke up to more fluid than I have seen at any previous point. The feathers beneath his beak were matted, the nares, just looked like he had nasal discharge all night. He’s still energetic and eating, all the normal stuff after his morning dose of meds.

I’ve tried to get a feel for whether some of this is to be expected as I assume this junk has to go somewhere and better for it to come out than go in the air sacs and get stuck. But so far I haven’t gotten a sense either way in my conversations with his doctor. So I guess that’s my question to all of you, perhaps in all of your experience as birdie friends and having to medicate the little ones, someone can share if they have seen ups and downs with antibiotics and if it might be normal for the gunk to come out in the process. Just that I call the vet basically every day and am beginning to feel like a crazy person/don’t want to harass him

TIA for any insight you can share! Attaching a photo of the little dude. We also should probably choose a name


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He's adorable. My U2 gets chronic sinus infections. I'm not 100% sure why. He has one now and talk to my vet yesterday as to why. It's possible he has a lot scar tissue, plus he's a dusty bird.

I've never encountered the problem to the degree you're having, and I've dealt with this problem a lot. If the sneezing or discharge doesn't clear up fairly quickly we usually change antibiotics. I'd talk to your vet again. And if you can't answers, consider getting a second opinion if possible.