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adopted parrot

  1. papaya13

    Preparing to Adopt an Older Grey, Need Advice on Making the Transition Easy

    I recently made the decision to switch from buying a baby to adopting a 22YO CAG from a retired couple in my area. According to them, he's the 'sweetest bird they've ever met' and has no behavioral issues whatsoever... but my family has purchased a lot of ranch horses, and all of them are 'the...
  2. shelby.pax

    Pionus hasn't left cage

    I recently adopted a 7 year old blue-headed pionus. It's been a week and he hasn't left his cage once despite the cage door being open all day. I have put his bowls just outside of his cage so he can reach them from within the cage while encouraging him to leave the cage, I try to see if I can...
  3. C2H4JOY

    Pictures NEED URGENT ADVICE!!! Newly adopted 6 month old lovebird

    Hello, everyone! I am quite new to this forum and this is my first post :D To give a short introduction: I have a 1-year-old lovie named Watermelon and a newly adopted 6-month lovie named Papaya. I recently adopted Papaya about a week ago because I wanted a friend for Watermelon, but I noticed...
  4. P

    Pictures New Ringneck Aggression

    Hi there, I just got a 1.5 y/o indian ringneck male from a lady who had him for a few months. She said he was dna sexed and that he was incredibly sweet with her. He is tame and steps up readily but after a week of having him and he's gotten more comfortable, he's exhibiting aggressive behavior...
  5. R

    My newly adopted Indian ringneck has feather loss and very thin quill

    Please help. I recently adopted this little angel from a cousin of mine, who rescued her from an abusive family. This birdie was locked up in a tiny cage with little food and no toys. She wasn't allowed out the cage either. Now after I adopted her, I took her to the vet and the doctor assured...
  6. F

    Help! I have a Bully Bird!

    I have 5 birds, two parakeets that live together, a Sun Conure and adopted Jenday Conure, and an African Grey that I’m currently fostering. My Jenday, Marvin, started out as a foster in June and we officially adopted him a few weeks ago. I’ve had my Sun Conure, Stevie, for about two years and...
  7. NYCAmazon2

    Has anyone else given up on the idea of adopting a rescue/ rehomed Grey? What was your experience?

    I considered adopting a male CAG from a rescue or a rehoming situation. I even looked at older breeder adoption birds. Now I’m searching for a breeder that Does Not “Train” their birds before sending them to their forever home. My idea of appropriate vocabulary for a family home and that of...
  8. Meggie

    I Just Adopted a 30 year old Congo African Grey.

    This post is slightly delayed but I am happy to announce that Lilah is the newest member of my little flock. She's a 30 years old CAG and quite the character. I adopted her through the Greater Chicago Bird Rescue in Villa Park, IL about 3 weeks ago. She fits in so well and I am looking...
  9. T's Bird Gang

    Mom of Four Rescued Conures

    Hello from Arizona, Currently in our home, we have four adopted Conures. All have come from our local rescue organization, TheTucson Parrot Rescue. We currently have, Lupe Guadalupe-a green cheek conure (female 8 yrs), Alvin!-Blue Crown Conure (male 21 yrs), Sweet Pea- Conure (female 3 yrs)...
  10. V


    Hi everyone, I recently adopted a male cockatiel named Fedi from a neighbor who could not keep him anymore as she was moving. She mentioned he was given to her from another owner so I’m not sure how old he is. He may be around 10-15 years old. My family was is so delighted to have Fedi as we...
  11. PrettyBirdy

    Birds, College and foster homes

    Hi! I am a high school senior, and although I am taking a gap year, I am trying to think ahead as much as possible. I have 3 birds: a gcc, a bebe parrot, and a goffins cockatoo. Luckily, my G2 is just as (or more) bonded to my father, so leaving her is no problem. I'll miss her like crazy, but...
  12. Rebeccasevere

    Curbing alert screaming due to guests

    Hello everyone, I have had my adopted 15 year old female severe macaw, kinski, for 1 month. She is adjusting nicely and our bond is strong and getting stronger due to working with her for a couple months at the sanctuary prior to bringing her home. She has been so quiet (for a macaw/parrot) and...