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We've caught conure fever-- and we want a rescue... or two.


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I had the car problem too. You can try to get people to bring the bird to you if its local but then if there is a cage involved its not easy.
It is better to see a bird in its home though as you can get a better idea on how it is with its family. A bird brought to you will most likely be a scared bird & you will know nothing about how it was in its home.

I had someone willing to bring me the bird but changed there mind & kept the bird.
I decided I wanted a crimson bellied & they come up maybe once a year in craigslist if you are lucky so I had Rio flown in from TX.
I actually took 2 buses to get to the airport to pick him up & paid for a shuttle to get him home as it was late at night past 9PM when he arrived.

It can be done but you do have to find vets & ways to get to them by public transportation.

Cage I bought new & it was shipped to the door. Craiglists cages are overpriced & often not in good condition & you have to pick them up yourself. A new cage was the same price & no hassle with finding a way to get it home so that was my choice.

In your case a bird with a cage is hard for you to get as you have no way to get the cage. A few might deliver a bird but even less would consider bringing you the cage.

Did you contact Webchirp? She may have leads to GCC in your area.

Good Luck but I know it will work out.