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Sudden feather loss???


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I adopted a Panama Amazon about 7-8 months ago, she’s 19 years old (20 on May 9th!) and very sweet and loving. Not a plucker.

For context, I work during the day, and occasionally at night too. I always come back and spend time with her before she gets out to bed to make up for that. Our system works well, and she’s been thriving. Talking up a storm, opening up more and more to me, it’s amazing to see her blossom!

Tonight, however, I came home from work, turned on the lights, and was baffled to see feathers all around her cage. She was greeting me as usual, not acting all that strange, but her feathers were everywhere—it made me panic. I found twelve of her feathers on the floor, and I think they’re from her wings as I noticed that they were looking a little scruffy. Thankfully, none of them were blood feathers and she wasn’t bleeding, but this isn’t at all usual for her.

Now, there’s been some construction on our street, just outside our window. When I left for work there were men and noisy machines filling up potholes outside. The window opposite her cage was left uncovered, so she could see everything that was happening.

I’m hoping she got spooked and was just flapping around her cage and her feathers came loose. But I’m not sure.

Could she be plucking??? Or a really intense molt??? Or just shock caused her to freak out and accidentally dislodge her feathers???


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She could have been scared and flapped and fell off her perch. My BFA has had that happen when he was scared. It is not unusual for feathers that are almost ready to come out anyway to fall out during a wild flapping. Keep your eye on her and you should be able to tell if she is ok. I don't think that parrots pluck wing feathers. Usually it is the ones on the chest and belly that they pull out. If there is any concern going forward, I would make an appointment with her CAV for a checkup.


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Is there any music she likes. You could have music on while you are at work during the construction goings on. I would have freaked too to see so many feathers. Hopefully it's a once only event.