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  1. Teagan Hall

    Should I get an Amazon Parrot?

    Hello! My friends wants an Amazon parrot, this will be the first parrot she owns and she has her eyes set on it. Could anyone give me information about their temperament please and what it's like to have an Amazon parrot!
  2. eraineu

    Amazon parrot advice?

    Hi everyone! In a few months, I will be getting a beautiful female blue-fronted amazon :D The breeder is currently hand-rearing the babies, and I'll get her at around 12 weeks of age. I've wanted an amazon for years now and I've been doing a lot of research to prepare. I wanted to get some...
  3. jahpan

    Wanted to share a amazon parrot story..

    So I don't usually post ads on Craiglist because it can be unsafe but I find alot of interesting things there. I posted about finding another lovebird hand fed lovebird. Well someone replied to my ad and said they were looking to rehome their yellow naped amazon for FREE and with cage I was...
  4. N

    Wild-caught mealy amazon

    Hey everyone, I'm new to AA and I hope you guys will help me out with my wild-caught amazon Izzy. The story of how we got Izzy is long, but the important thing you need to know is that I don't live in the US and where I live, we don't even have Avian vets, since not a lot of people keep birds...
  5. cjy9375

    Missing BF Amazon - Lansing, MI

    MISSING!!! Payton blue fronted amazon parrot!!! Last seen in Hawk Island Park Lansing, MI. She's currently up in a tree in a densely wooded area. I'm going back at sunrise to try and get her down. She recalls well but she's so high up and it's so wooded that I'm not sure she can figure out how...
  6. cjy9375

    Parrots eating soil

    Hey everyone, I have several houseplants - all of which are supposed to be safe for birds. Mostly ferns, Sansevieria and a couple of other random plants. My birds, of course, like to chomp on them from time to time which should be fine as I wash them and try to make sure they're as "clean" as...
  7. M

    Sudden feather loss???

    I adopted a Panama Amazon about 7-8 months ago, she’s 19 years old (20 on May 9th!) and very sweet and loving. Not a plucker. For context, I work during the day, and occasionally at night too. I always come back and spend time with her before she gets out to bed to make up for that. Our system...
  8. A

    Amazon parrot needs a forever home

    Hello everyone! We are looking to find a forever home for a ~30 year old Amazon parrot. He was wild caught and lived with the same person for 20+ years, until she passed away. Since then he's been in multiple temporary homes. He doesn't fly, which makes him super easy and fun to take outside (he...
  9. K

    "Baby" Blue-Fronted Amazon needs home

    The founder of Cascade Canine Rescue East & West (C-CREW) and her son raised Baby from a baby and have kept her as a pet for almost 16 years. The son now has a family (etc...you know the story) and every room in the Mom's house is full of recently rescued, high-needs dogs in transition to...
  10. K


    Hello everyone! My name is Kirsty and I am definitely a bird lover. I have had smaller birds all my life, but recently my husband and I have decided to adopt a medium sized bird. We have put a deposit down on an adorable dusky pionus, but I am feeling torn between him and a super sweet Amazon. I...
  11. C


    IM looking to get a amazon but every time I do more research I cannot decide on a species. I'm being so careful not to jump into anything because I want to make sure I have the time to give the bird I get and I want to make sure I have all the knowledge! I always come back to the DYH amazon but...
  12. R

    Hello from a newbie

    Hi, I have just adopted a blue fronted amazon from a rescue. I like to think I know things but just like having babies years apart these memories and moments come and go. I’m happily browsing for now all the interesting notes and conversation, I’m certainly interested in giving him a better...
  13. hrafn

    Bleeding hearts shouldn't be allowed on Kijiji!

    Please talk me out of adopting this 19-year-old female mealy amazon. Anything. Give me horror stories. Tell me how fast I'd be evicted with an Amazon in my duplex. Show me your worst bites. Come directly into my home and punch me in the face! :hilarious: You can probably see me falling in love...
  14. Dachshund King

    Amazon parrot

    Hiya, I'm interested in getting an Amazon parrot. I have plenty of experience with smaller parrots but am really keen in an amazon. In particular the yellow crowned amazon. Any experiences with their birds would be very helpful
  15. S

    Amazon Breeders?

    I'm currently looking for a baby amazon parrot to join my flock! I live in south Florida and I hope to find a breeder I can visit. If that's not possible I will consider shipping. Does anyone know of reputable breeders of amazon parrots that I can check out? Thanks in advance!
  16. C

    Adoption Tips

    Hi, I'm new here. I've owned a bird in the past, however; I've never adopted. Recently I've been looking around for a mature parrot to take into my home as a companion. After months of searching, I came across a post today from an exotic bird rescue in my city. I saw that they had a yellow naped...
  17. FancyConure

    Amazon in need of a Cuddle Buddy

    Long read ahead: I recently have taken in temporarily a Mealy Amazon as a favor for my Friend's friend. This Amazon has had two owners now, both of whom are deceased. The first owner was an older gentleman who lived alone and the the little guy was found a week later. The second one was...
  18. M

    The right pet bird for me? - Introducing myself

    Hi, guys! First of all, let me introduce myself! My name is Mariana, but you can call me Mari! I'm 20 years old and I live in Brazil. English is not my mother language at all, so I apologize for any grammar mistakes that I WILL make! I live in an apartment in São Paulo and spend most of my day...
  19. Jene

    Pictures Hello, I'm a new Amazon Owner

    Hello, A little about me, I'm a mom, work part time, two kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and now a Amazon parrot owner/pet parent. It all started 5 1/2 years ago when my daughter adopted a Cockatiel (Lutino). About 6 mo ago my husband adopted a recue Conure (Jenday/Sun mix) know for his/her grumpiness...
  20. Noah

    Abused Amazons (Questions)

    A few months ago, we took some Amazons from a bad owner. She was a 70 year old woman and she was terrible to these birds. They had no room in their cages, no toys, the buildup of stool was barely cleanable, and their feathers were so dirty that when they shook, a huge cloud of dust filled the...