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  1. K

    Getting an Amazon post egg stroke

    So I'm getting a yellow shouldered Amazon and the person said she's recovering from a n egg stroke... I love taking care of special needs animals and I agreed that she's right up my alley but I've got some questions (yes I'm going to take her to the vet as soon as I pick her up or the next day)...
  2. MoonBuny

    I need some advice about my Amazon parrot

    I have my bird for about 14 years now. Everything was normal and okay until mid last year when me and my family notice them doing something "weird", she would go inside their cage and stay on the floor and kind bite the cage bar like if it was holding it and kinda "lay" on the cage floor do a...
  3. Creature

    White-fronted amazon (Amazona albifrons) questions

    If there is anyone here who has this species, what is your experience with them? Are they friendly? Are they a one person bird? Do they get along with other birds? Any other info is appreciated. Ive had a green cheek, ringneck and budgies before and I’m currently doing research as I’d like to...
  4. Haroobom

    Is it possible to estimate age on this little one (rescue)

    He was rescued from a hoarding situation, so no age or sex was disclosed. Theres videos of him vocalizing something I would describe as a barn owl screech when he was taken in by the rescue prob due to stress, but since he's been brought home he's been totally quiet, not what I would expect...
  5. C

    Our double yellow head has bonded with my blue front....now he's more aggressive

    My husband and I got my blue front Amazon which has taken to me and not him. We have since got a double yellow head which is more friendly with him. He attacks me even if I'm just walking through the house he will chase me on the floor and try to bite me (and has). For some reason he has bonded...
  6. A

    Immune System Strengthening Tastes Like Garlic

    I have an amazon that has gotten sick, I brought it to a vet which he prescribed some antibiotics and something that strengthens the Immune system, I think it is vitamin supplements, that has a garlic smell and taste. Do you think it is safe?
  7. K

    My beautiful Angel!

    Hi! I am new to the group, wanted to share my beautiful 1 year venacious amazon with you! Angel has been will me from about 4 weeks old.
  8. S

    Adopting my first Amazon

    Hi I am getting my first Amazon soon and I already have a Galah. I was told that I should make sure the Amazon and Galah are both the same sex? I am just wondering if anyone could tell me if this is true and why? pic of my new baby
  9. redrose27

    Lafeber Senior Nutriberries 3 pound bag arriving as one big clump.

    So recently I have been doing some math. Currently im spending around 60 dollars a month (20 dollars every 12 days) for lafebers Senior nutriberries from amazon. I run out of 2 10oz bags in 12 days. And I keep running into the same issue where I end up having to order them again the day I run...
  10. Alayna

    Two Caiques and a Amazon?

    I have two baby caiques, sisters from two different clutches but same parents and I have had Lily since was three months old and Rora since she was three months old. I will have have had for them a year in August. They are incredibly social and a bonded pair. Both are female dna confirmed. What...
  11. Allysanne Lord

    Curious Amazon Mom

    Hello everyone, I'm a mom to a 31 year old oranged winged amazon. I've had him for just over a year and he is a comfortable happy boy (he was DNA tested before I got him) I am just curious as how everyone bonds with their older Amazon parrot; as well as what toys they like playing with. I always...
  12. mangobird

    Update on rescue amazon

    Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well during the quarantine/pandemic. I wanted to give you all a quick update on the amazon I posted a few weeks back, where I asked for help about having a new rescue. I’m happy to say that she is absolutely thriving here :D Tyler has slowly shown that she’s...
  13. mangobird

    Rescued Amazon help!!

    Hi everyone! Today, I rescued a 13 year old Amazon, who I was told is a Tres Marias Amazon. They call her Tyler! She’s scared, but I can absolutely tell that underneath the hurt and broken is a sweet bird that loves people. I’ve been looking into amazons for a while, but this wasn’t quite my...
  14. Rain Bow

    Favorite Things about your Zon

    To all the Amazon People... I'm so tired of everyone being afraid of Amazons. They get a bad name because of bad owner(s) & abuse over a 60 year life. Criteria for posts... Please write a list if you own more than one: One positive item per bird(s) per post. So if you own 5 only 5 lines...
  15. Teagan Hall

    Should I get an Amazon Parrot?

    Hello! My friends wants an Amazon parrot, this will be the first parrot she owns and she has her eyes set on it. Could anyone give me information about their temperament please and what it's like to have an Amazon parrot!
  16. dreamie

    Amazon parrot advice?

    Hi everyone! In a few months, I will be getting a beautiful female blue-fronted amazon :D The breeder is currently hand-rearing the babies, and I'll get her at around 12 weeks of age. I've wanted an amazon for years now and I've been doing a lot of research to prepare. I wanted to get some...
  17. jahpan

    Wanted to share a amazon parrot story..

    So I don't usually post ads on Craiglist because it can be unsafe but I find alot of interesting things there. I posted about finding another lovebird hand fed lovebird. Well someone replied to my ad and said they were looking to rehome their yellow naped amazon for FREE and with cage I was...
  18. N

    Wild-caught mealy amazon

    Hey everyone, I'm new to AA and I hope you guys will help me out with my wild-caught amazon Izzy. The story of how we got Izzy is long, but the important thing you need to know is that I don't live in the US and where I live, we don't even have Avian vets, since not a lot of people keep birds...
  19. cjy9375

    Missing BF Amazon - Lansing, MI

    MISSING!!! Payton blue fronted amazon parrot!!! Last seen in Hawk Island Park Lansing, MI. She's currently up in a tree in a densely wooded area. I'm going back at sunrise to try and get her down. She recalls well but she's so high up and it's so wooded that I'm not sure she can figure out how...
  20. cjy9375

    Parrots eating soil

    Hey everyone, I have several houseplants - all of which are supposed to be safe for birds. Mostly ferns, Sansevieria and a couple of other random plants. My birds, of course, like to chomp on them from time to time which should be fine as I wash them and try to make sure they're as "clean" as...