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lovebird help

  1. L

    New Here n Need Advice !!

    hi everyone ! I have a Lutino Lovebird named Arch who’s about 3 years old now!! we took him from his last owner, who apparently never spent any time with him (he worked 10 hour work days, 6 days a week). When we got him, Arch was afraid of hands and never came out of his little cage. We’ve had...
  2. Mango&Five

    How to fix splayed leg?

    So as you can see the photo the baby bird, burrito has one splayed leg. At least i think that’s what it is. Both of the legs were splayed but one fixed itself once i put more shavings in the breeding box but this one hasn’t. Should i wait longer and see if it fixes itself or should i take...
  3. W

    Love Bird Attacks

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for about 8 months now and she has had her lovebird for almost a year. She is a female lovebird and for a while really took a liking to me. The first time she bit me it wasn't very hard but it was enough for me to shake her off. Since the day she bit me, she...