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  1. Pastel

    Mirrors in bird room

    Hi everyone! I rearranged my apartment so that my two lovely budgies get more sunlight and more calm during the night. It is also the room that is the farthest from the kitchen which I feel so much more comfortable with. However, the room that suits their needs the best is a double room, so...
  2. M

    Kakariki parrot obsessed with mirrors

    Hello, I am new here and signed up to try resolve this issue and learn avian behavior. For some background info I own a Kakariki called Rico that is around 2 years old now. I am not sure if it's a male or female yet, but the beak is pink so I assume female. Rico free flies around my room for...
  3. EmiLemon

    Mirror-Crazed Caique

    Hello! About 6 weeks ago I adopted a caique, Loki, who I was told is around 3 years old. I didn’t get into parrots until a little over a year ago and am learning as much as I can when I have time. He has bit me twice and both times, looking back, were avoidable (if I had researched more I...
  4. laurenf

    Mirror Interactions

    Hello everyone and happy mother's day to all bird moms. My brown headed parrot has been home for a few weeks and is close to four months old. I'm at home for most to all of the day and we stick together a lot. I'm also in front of a mirror for maybe an hour every day. Whenever that happens...
  5. N

    Mirror Addiction

    When my female cockatiel died, my 10 year old male cockatiel got obssessed with the mirror in my room. After a month, we got him a new cockatiel buddy, but he still likes to spend his time in front of the mirror, singing to himself and showing off his feathers. He often ignores me and the other...
  6. D

    Cockatiel mirror/video/sound aggression

    My male cockatiel is usually pretty comfortable and loving around me if not somewhat indifferent, but I’ve noticed something weird lately. I know not to give my cockatiel mirrors as they tend to get obsessive over them, but sometimes my cockatiel finds a way to talk to his own shadow/reflection...
  7. Scamperdoo

    Toy Ideas

    I am running out of toy ideas for my Conure, Rio. HELP! He does not like paper no matter the type - bags, boxes, cardboard, toilet paper - even if it has a treat in it. He isn't much on plastic parts either. He likes things made of metal he can open or take apart. - metal rings, etc. He...